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Workplace Mediation

Last year, 90.7% of the disputes referred to Globis for mediation settled


giving your managers a day back each week

A typical manager spends the equivalent of 20% (one day of each week) dealing with workplace conflict. Managing workplace conflict offers a pragmatic way of giving that day back to the managers within your organisation. Imagine how much more effective they could be with an extra day focussed on achieving organisation objectives. It wouldn’t take long for the impact of the better use of their time to become evident through increased productivity, heightened team morale and ultimately results.

Let Globis Mediation Group assist you with managing the conflict within your organisation and see what a difference that saved day can make to your team.

workplace mediation Training

open courses

Globis' courses are designed to meet the learning needs of today's organisations. Experience of the workplace to deliver training courses that give participants a high opportunity to transfer their new skills back to the workplace.

in-house & bespoke training

Globis' open training courses are also available to be delivered In-house.

Globis also design bespoke training solutions. Please contact a member of the Globis team to find out more.

To discuss your options please contact us

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Setting up an In-house workplace Mediation Service

Workplace mediation offers a time effective, resolution tool to ensure that the effects of conflict on your organisation are addressed.

Globis offers a full, wrap around workplace mediation service that includes:

  • Consultancy to design a best practice in-house workplace mediation service for your organisation
  • Accredited workplace mediation training
  • A framework for identifying and recruiting in-house mediators
  • Advice and support in weaving workplace mediation principles into the culture of your organisation
  • Monitoring and evaluation materials
  • The opportunity for access to external mediators where required
  • An organisation workplace mediation protocol framework 

Globis is able to work with you to build a workplace mediation package that perfectly fits the requirements of your organisation.The benefits of having an in-house workplace mediation scheme are many and varied. For example:

  • It improves staff morale in the knowledge that a process exists to deal with issues of conflict appropriately
  • It helps improve the organisation culture and reputation, helping to reduce labour turnover and improve the attraction and retention of new employees

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Setting up an in-house workplace mediation scheme with Globis is a very cost effective way of managing conflict within your organisation.

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to discuss pricing options


Need a workplace Mediator?

Are there conflict issues between any of your employees?

Are any of your teams not working effectively due to a relationship breakdown?

Workplace Mediation could be the solution that you are looking for.


Workplace mediation is an effective tool for resolving both newly arisen and ongoing disputes between individuals, and teams. By appointing Globis to mediate a dispute within your organisation, you are choosing a professional, experienced and neutral provider. We are regularly the first choice for lawyers and non lawyers seeking to appoint a mediator. Our national panel of mediators includes HR professionals, solicitors, barristers, QCs, line managers and trade union representatives. Instructions are invited from employers and employees.  

 Globis follows seven steps to manage the workplace mediation process:

  • Gain the agreement of parties to mediate

  • Contact Globis on 0330 100 0809 or click here to contact us to discuss the nature of the dispute. We will explain the mediation process, discuss potential mediation dates and appoint a mediator

  • You inform the parties that Globis will be making contact with them (or their representatives)

  • The Globis mediator will have pre-mediation discussions with each party (or party representatives), either face to face or over the telephone

  • The mediation takes place

  • A settlement agreement is drafted and signed (85-90% of mediations undertaken by Globis were resolved last year)

  • In cases where there is an ongoing employment relationship with the parties, Globis will follow up with the parties 1-3 months after the mediation has taken place (optional)

Workplace mediation offers a fast, cost effective resolution to issues that may have been simmering for weeks, months or even years. The majority of workplace mediations settle within just one day.

I would like to thank you so much for your brilliance in resolving the dispute. Not only did you manage to resolve [our dispute], I believe you also managed to reinvigorate the Board into thinking about its future.
— Christine

workplace mediation Commissioning Process - Downloads

Globis Outsourced workplace Mediation Service

By outsourcing your workplace mediation service to Globis Mediation, you will be forming a partnership with a specialist mediation provider who can deliver the mediation service provision you need, in a cost effective way.

As part of the Globis Outsourced Mediation Service, Globis will work with your organisation to ensure that overall people management responsibility is not taken away from line managers. Outsourcing your workplace mediation service to Globis will give you:

  • Partnership with one of the UK's leading workplace mediation providers
  • Access to a national panel of workplace mediators
  • Neutrality and confidentiality
  • A consistent service
  • Confirmed service level agreements
  • Expert advice

Workplace mediations conducted by Globis mediators focus on ensuring that problems are solved and don't reoccur. Globis will work with your organisation to help improve the areas impacted by conflict such as productivity, employee engagement, sickness, absence and stress levels.

Globis mediators have a mix of HR, legal, line management and trade union backgrounds covering the public and private sectors. Over the last 4 years, 90% of the disputes referred to Globis for workplace mediation have been resolved.

For one low annual fee, your organisation will benefit from:

  • An agreed number of mediations at no extra cost
  • Time dedicated by Globis to understand your business needs at the outset
  • A briefing session to inform line managers and employees about the outsourced workplace mediation service
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Organisational feedback
  • A discount on additional workplace mediations or further Globis services
  • Ongoing support from Globis


Call us to discuss options on 0330 100 0809


Globis workplace Mediation Partnership

Globis offers a fully comprehensive partnership programme to address all issues concerning mediation that your organisation may be facing. By working with Globis in a supportive, ongoing relationship you will have access to all of Globis' expertise.

Your organisation may already be operating an in-house workplace mediation scheme. The Globis Workplace Mediation Partnership is for organisations who want to partner with a leading external mediation provider to enhance their in-house service.

The Globis Workplace Mediation Partnership scheme allows you to appoint an external mediator for cases where it might not be appropriate to use an internal mediator. This could be because of the seniority of the parties involved in the mediation, the complexity of the case or some other reason.