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Women in Leadership Lunch

Held annually at The House of Lords, the invitation only sessions bring together some of the UK’s most influential business women.



The Women in Leadership Lunch was started by Clive Lewis OBE DL in 2012. It was launched to create a platform for female executives in response to the Davies Review. The Review aimed to increase the number of women represented on Boards. Held annually at The House of Lords, the invitation only sessions bring together some of the UK’s most influential business women. At the beginning of 2010 it was clear that increasing the number of women on Boards would be no ordinary journey. It is impressive to have seen such a significant culture shift in organisations across the country with more women on boards than ever before. Whilst Lord Davies' review has been specifically about FTSE businesses, those attending the Women in Leadership Lunch come from all sectors. 

As a black male, Mr Lewis has an understanding of the barriers one faces when working towards and maintaining board level positions. 

The Women in Leadership Lunch is making its own contribution to the Women on Boards agenda.  

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Executive Coaching

We provide Executive Coaching for women who are in top level C-Suite executive positions. You will be a CEO or will be reporting into one. You may also be someone who is on the trajectory towards being appointed to an executive position. Our coaches are all current or former female executives who are credible and can speak from experience. 

Contact us if you want to engage us for an Executive Coaching intervention.

Executive Search

Our network of executive women is extensive. We are not a recruitment firm in the traditional sense of the word but we are well placed to source executive and non-executive women.  If you are a Chair, CEO or HR Director wanting to kick off a search campaign, you would be making a good decision if you contacted us first. We offer a discrete, highly effective service. We deliver a world class executive search and research service to ambitious consumer focused organisations. Our network spans all sectors. We tailor our approach to each assignment and our team dedicates significant time to understanding your needs. 

We might also be able to help if you are a recruitment business wanting to broaden the pool of potential candidates for an assignment you are working on.



We partner with Bridge Builders Mentoring and provide mentors nationally for girls who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. All the evidence suggests that if you are from a disadvantaged background you are likely to do less well academically. You are also more likely to find it more difficult to make the transition from education to work. Our mentors help to address both these crucial issues. We know our work in this area is effective. Our research proves it. 

Please click here to see more about Bridge Builders Mentoring. 

Psychometric support

We work in partnership with a provider of a leading Psychometric Tool to support recruitment and development. The tool is the latest generation of professional development tools, supporting individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively to improve the bottom line. It is unique amongst psychometric tools because it avoids stereotyping. It provides a highly interactive colourful framework for better self-understanding and helps people identify how to improve their working relationships with others.   

Inspirational speakers for schools

Through our partnership with Bridge Builders Mentoring, we are connected with hundreds of schools across the country. We have a broad range of female executives who are available to give inspirational speeches for schools. The occasions might vary. It might be a school assembly or the end of term awards. Whatever the event, we will find an inspirational speaker to support. We give schools and pupils access to key influential people who they would not normally get to meet. 

Contact Val Bunker for further information