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Client Testimonials

We have spent years providing quality training and mediation services, below are testimonials from our many clients.


What our clients have to say...

Enormously informative. Will be discussing with HR colleagues how we can use this knowledge within Unite to start offering a mediation service
— Helen Couchman, Unite Students. ‘Get this on the business agenda’ Unite Students
Perfect balance between theory and practice - well researched and dynamic...
— Bruno Barba, Selfridges
One of the best training courses I’ve been on in many years. The trainer was excellent, he created a really positive, safe and fun environment to learn in
— Peter Jeffery, Zurich

Excellent presenters – Very effective. Content is outstanding and delivery is even better! Thank you!”
Sharon Betterman, Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car


“This was just the right course to enable me to deal with issues at work”
Maria McClure, Teacher, Farnborough College of Technology

“Very good. Many thanks. Truly life changing trainer/training”
J. Patcheappin, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust


“Excellent training – highly recommend all staff to attend. Very thought provoking”
S. Black, Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust


“The course gave me much that I can use at work and on a personal level.  I have to say this is one of the best courses I have ever attended” 
Dawn Slater, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Globis also receives generous written feedback from training course delegates:

I found the Globis Workplace Mediation Conversion Course both very valuable and highly stimulating. I especially enjoyed the way in which the learning was achieved primarily through dialogue and discussion. The group size was perfectly balanced as it was large enough to result in a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, yet small enough to give everyone sufficient time to say their piece, to exchange thoughts and experiences and to play an active part in the role play scenarios. Despite being an employment lawyer already, I learned a lot and now feel much better equipped to conduct effective workplace mediations.
— Antony Sendall, Barrister, Littleton Chambers - Conversion Course Delegate
Facilitator Errol Williams: 5+ out of 5!
— Liz Wilch, Aurum Holdings
The most excellent course I have even attended
— OJ Paulson, Milton Keynes Community Health Trust
We have learnt so much
— Annemarie Williams, the BRIT school


"I found the day educational, entertaining and stimulating. Great speakers"
Jo Arrowsmith, Fortismere School


"Informative, useful and entertaining - delivered with enthusiasm - Will Davis is an excellent speaker."
J Crawford, University College Birmingham


"A very effective session. Even though there were plenty of exercises I did not feel uncomfortable with them, which can often be the case in training events".
Claire Hayes, University College Birmingham


"Thanks very much, really enjoyed the course."
Annie Watts, Nursing and Midwifery Council


"First class course, structure, communication and stretch."
Ian Stickland, Sainsbury's


"This should be offered to all staff across the NHS."
Kathryn Kew, Milton Keynes Community Health Services

"I really enjoyed the course, although I was apprehensive as I thought it would give me challenges - and I was right!."
Dawn Stroud, Milton Keynes Community Health Services

"The practical activities were excellent, especially the role play at the end of the day."
Martin Stephens, University College Birmingham


"A very enjoyable course with a lively presenter who held our attention all day"
Tess Adams, Milton Keynes Community Health Services


"It was an excellent course, Errol was inspirational and the people in attendance were open and giving."
Stephen Oliver, Woodfines LLP


“Very interesting and helpful advice. It will help with my confidence in addressing difficult conversations.”
Jane Ross, Milton Keynes Community Health Services


“Very motivational trainer who has provided techniques for self empowerment."
Amy Morris, Milton Keynes Community Health Services


“Lots of tips and hints that I think I are all useable and doable in my working practice."
Marie Riding, Milton Keynes Community Health Services


more from our clients

“A very enjoyable course with a lively presenter who held our attention all day."
Tess Adams, Milton Keynes Community Health Services


"Excellent! Flexible approach to presenting the material."
Steve Bosley, Managing Difficult Conversations course, Sperry Marine


"The facilitator was very very good, he made the course enjoyable and interesting. I learnt a lot and intend to use all of the information."
Denise, Managing Difficult Conversations, In-house course


"The trainer's belief, enthusiasm and energy made the whole experience fabulous!"
Diane, Managing Difficult Conversations, In-house course


"The course and service were excellent."
Melanie Hughes, Miele


"Enjoyed all aspects, probably the best workshop I have attended."
Zoe, Managing Difficult Conversations


“Everything was useful and enjoyable and certainly gives me new practises within my role."
Susan, Managing Difficult Conversations


“Really enjoyed it and found the facilitators very helpful and knowledgeable. Great group too, enjoyed the interaction."
Jackie Nelson, HR Consultant


“I thought the course was excellent and I cannot fault it in any way. Excellent all round."
Jon Stanley, Bayside Employee Relations


“The skills learnt are going to be used in my day to day work and will be invaluable."
Hannah Scott, Waldrons Solicitors


“Just keep doing what you're doing!"
Paula Rhone-Adrien, Lamb Building Chamber, Conversion Course


“Excellent course, excellent tutors, great support - thank you."
Michelle Walmsley, EEF


“It was high class training. No further comment! Thanks."
Richard Worsley, University of Warwick


"Hard work, but a rewarding course."
Tracey Faraday- Drake, Chief Executive Sussex Oakleaf


"It was a great opportunity to learn a new appreciation for my existing skills and develop new areas."
Jennifer Watson, Fidelity International


"Very powerful and stimulating programme."
Lyn Blackburn, EEF

"This course really stretched me and has been extremely valuable to my confidence. My skills have grown a huge amount!"
Amanda Curtis, Oxfordshire County Council


"Very good and worthwhile experience"
Andrew Roberts Head of HR Policy and Advice Zurich Financial Services


"No suggestions for improvement. The National Employment and Workplace Mediation Certificate is a thoroughly enjoyable course."
Anna Beasant Senior HR Advisor, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and Chair


"Very informative and challenging couple of days. Thanks. I really appreciated the case studies."
Ruth Newman HR Advisor, Oxford University

“Excellent course, but hard work."
Andy Beaumont, Dixons Retail PLC


“Found this course really challenging - but that made it all the more worthwhile! Keep it that way would be my only comment."
Mandy Holcroft, Accord Housing Association


“Excellent course, practical - very useful to be able to understand how mediation works. Very professionally delivered."
Michelle Sentance, EEF


“A very practical course; progression throughout as I gained experience."
Carly Parrott, Mourant Ozannes


“The experience of the facilitators has been very obvious and the very practical role play structure offers an excellent way to learn some complex skills."
Paul Chudleigh, Insight HR


“Excellent workshop at just the right time. Well structured and excellent interplay between expert input and participants."
John Kirwan, JK Associates Oxford, Mediation Master Class


Nick Benson, Met Office, Conversion Course


“Excellent, enjoyable course."
Sir Henry Brooke, Conversion Course


“Clive is a great mediator to learn from. Powerful questions, equally powerful silences. He takes few notes but remembers so much!"
Tracey Faraday-Drake, Assistant Mediator to Clive Lewis


“A hugely challenging course where role-play was deployed to excellent effect. Big and valuable learning opportunities were evident at several points. The experiences of the facilitators combined with their supportive style, really helped us take big steps forward."
Paul Chudleigh, Director, Insight HRC Ltd


“An intensive, challenging and practical programme which has enhanced my skills and insights regarding effective mediation."
John Kirwan, Oxford University


“Tough, demanding course, but excellent. Very energising."
Sally Garton, Manager Employee Affairs, Jaguar-LandRover


“Really good 3 days – built well, useful and unobtrusive recaps. Good opportunities to practice."
Mark Robinson, Founder, Thinking Practice, ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring


“This is simply a must attend course for any Commercial Mediator seriously thinking of converting to become a Workplace and Employment Mediator"
Peter Vinden, Civil and Commercial Mediator - Conversion Course Delegate


“Excellent course, which I hope to be the beginning of a journey!"
Alison Middleton, Head of Reward and Employee Relations Baker & McKenzie LLP


"Can't imagine a better way of learning."
Rachael Large, Halesowen College


“Excellent day. Lots of information providing good food for thought. Very informative and enjoyable”. 
Judy Armitage, Worcestershire County Council


“Thoroughly enjoyable and good grounding. Even enjoyed the roles plays!”
Team Manager Health Care Trust

"Well presented, clear explanations and excellent case studies"
Brian Sloan Head of Employee Relations EDF Energy Networks Branch


"Excellent 3 days. A great deal of learning took place"
Rachel Hole Personnel Officer Alexon International


"This course was excellent. The stimulus was good and I found it fun to do. It was also hard work. The teaching style was very impressive." 
Tony Watson Unison


"Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days. Knowledgeable tutor delivered the course really well. Good fun and absolutely exhausting!" 
Karen Mahon GMB Union


"Well managed course. Very effective training."
Kevin McCall, Services Manager, Southwark County Council


"A fantastic 3 days - have learnt lots and looking forward to doing it for real."
Nancy Treadwell, Learning & Development Manager, Lambeth PCT


'I was delighted with the way the programme was delivered and the quality/professionalism of the delivery. It was stimulating, thought provoking, enjoyable and well paced'. 
Leatham Green, Assistant Director of HR East Sussex County Council, In-house accredited workplace mediation course


"Dear Clive, Thank you so much for an amazing training session yesterday. You were absolutely wonderful and covered all the areas we were hoping for and more! The delegates were very engaged and it was extremely upbeat. This will now be an integral part of our leadership programme."
Helene Martin-Gee, Chief Policy Adviser, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship


“This session was useful for me (even though I am a trained mediator) because it gave me some new perspectives on the strategic position of mediation in organisations. Thank You”. 
Manager - GCHQ


“Excellent session. The practice session was particularly useful”. 
Sara Reader Coaching Consultant


“Great Course. Really enjoyable – exhausting but I have learned a lot" 
Johanna Orbell HR Manager Clifford Chance


“Excellent. Hard work, but great company”. 
In-House Lawyer Police Constabulary


“The session was excellent. Thank you”. 
Julie McCarthy Cheltenham Borough Council


"Thank you for your hard work, commitment and leadership in helping us deliver our project. The project succeeded in helping us raise the profile of our department and our work on equalities."
The Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. 


“I am very comfortable to recommend Globis. My overriding experience with them was one of professionalism and a demonstration that they knew exactly what they were doing and are very experienced in their field”. 
John Newman European Procurement IBM UK


“Excellent and extremely worthwhile course. I am looking forward to practising the new skills I have learned”
Gill Oxley, Equalities Manager, Gloucestershire County Council

“Needed more time! Very enjoyable – made me want to know more”
Jackie Goodman Large Public Sector Organisation


"A great learning experience. Good case studies which really helped to maximise the opportunity to practice skills. Thank you."
Bill O'Neil Assistant Director OD London Ambulance Service


“Thank you for allowing flexibility in the content of the day. Our team needed the time and space that the course created” 
Deb Smith Warwickshire County Council


“Excellent – enjoyable – informative”. 
Gill Wood Coventry Council


“...the parties should have been able to come to a sensible conclusion as to how to dispose of the issues which divided them. If they could not do this without help, then an independent mediator should have been recruited to assist"
Lord Woolf


“Relaxed and open discussion was good. There was no pressure to speak when not required. Well managed facilitation of delegates’ feelings and views”. 
Katharine Ray Warwickshire County Council


“I was able to attend the workshop run by Clive Lewis of Globis who provided great information on the business case for workplace mediation”. 
Mike Emmot Employee Relations Advisor CIPD


“Good opportunity to share concerns. I have a better understanding of the collective concerns and how these can be addressed”. 
Jill Mogg Midlands based Primary Care Trust


“Thoroughly enjoyable 3 days. Professional and informative delivery, well worth it”.
Learning Specialist GCHQ


“Good overview of mediation process and how it works. Would like more training!”
Kay Eldergill Met Office


“The course was interesting, informative and enjoyable”
Tracy Curran Customer Relations Dudley Council


"The course was very insightful. Role play really useful in embedding the learning that has been taken on board."
Steve Fuller, CRI


'Highly engaging. Excellent day!''
J Carter, Fortismere School


''I found the day educational, entertaining and stimulating. Great speakers.''
Jo Arrowsmith, Fortismere School


''The role paly on day one was great, it provided an excellent basis on which to develop our own skills and style in the case studies."
Claire Simpson, Enterprise Rent a Car


''An excellent 3 day session with very knowledgeable and engaging facilitators. Really enjoyed all of it.''
Dan Ellis, Enterprise Rent a Car


“Relaxed but intensive learning opportunity which I really enjoyed. Thank you”. 
Karen Smith, Team Manager, Public Sector


“The course has given me a clear understanding of the concept of mediation”. 
Val Boote Dudley Council