Stress Management

In organisations everywhere, employees are facing increasing pressures in trying to be both effective at work and to maintain a quality home life.

Modern business demands high quality performance, short response times, long working hours and heavy workloads. At home people face money pressures, family demands, education concerns, high lifestyle expectations and limited time with loved ones. When an employee has a problem, whether the origin is work or home-based, performance in the workplace is likely to be affected.

  • Stress affects one in five of the working population.
  • It is now the single biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK.
  • It costs UK industry £3.7 billion each year. 

It makes sense, therefore, to take the best care of your employees and their psychological needs - not just to comply with legislation, but also to inspire greater commitment, efficiency and productivity. Please click here to see how Globis can help you manage stress effectively in your organisation.