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Globis Mediation Group Services

Globis Mediation provides cost effective preventative and remedial people solutions that help organisations build better relationships in the workplace.


Services Overview


Workplace Mediation Services

Managing workplace conflict offers a pragmatic way of giving time back to the managers within your organisation.


Employee Investigations

It is critical that employers ensure employee investigations are conducted in a robust and transparent way.  We have been helping organisations conduct employee investigations for over 15 years.



Facilitation sessions can aid teams by focussing on improving working relationships and overcoming challenges.


Executive Coaching

The high calibre, qualified and accredited executive coaches of Globis support individuals, top executive teams and boards.

Clients confirm that the business case for Globis services is compelling. Globis helps organisations reduce employee turnover, increase employee engagement and retention, reduce sickness and absence, increase productivity levels, improve health and wellbeing and deliver better customer service.

In summary, Globis helps deliver better cost efficiencies and help organisations save money.

Contact us if you would like your organisation to benefit in similar ways.


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