Difficult Conversations for schools


In the schools sector, the environment that teachers operate in is becoming increasingly more difficult. This can relate to tackling teacher underperformance, having a challenging conversation with a parent, reducing truancy, an increase in individual’s responsibilities or pressure to increase the percentage of A* to C grade GCSEs achieved. Research shows that over 72% of people in the workplace dodge a difficult conversation rather than tackle it.

In the schools sector, like many other workplaces there are both tacklers and dodgers. A tackler is a person who deals with situations as and when they arrive, regardless of their potential awkwardness or unpleasantness. They don’t procrastinate or put things off no matter how unappetising the impending conversation might be. To a tackler, the right outcome is the key.

Making a habit of dodging difficult conversations can cause damage. It can impair your health and the productivity of your department. It can also bring harm to the future of a pupil’s education and future prospects.



This programme can be run for leadership teams, middle and aspiring managers or all teaching staff. Options on how the programme can be delivered include:

  • Twilight sessions 4-7pm (most popular option)
  • Saturday sessions
  • Inset day sessions

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