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Conflict in the NHS is on the increase. Chief Executives are devoting an increasing amount of time to dealing with conflict scenarios.


Introduction to our NHS Services

With a professional background in business psychology, we are the organisation NHS Trusts turn to, to bring about sustained performance improvement for clinicians and non-clinicians at all levels in healthcare management.

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Managing Conflict and Tackling Bullying in the NHS’ Conference 2019

NHS Conflict Competence Toolkit

Conflict in the NHS is on the increase.

Chief Executives are devoting an increasing amount of time to dealing with conflict scenarios.

Leaders and the workforce are facing immense amounts of pressure. This has an impact on costs, management time, employee satisfaction, productivity, sickness and absence levels and ultimately patient care. There is a growing body of evidence highlighting the link between conflict in the NHS and the patient experience.

The NHS Conflict Competence Toolkit has been specifically compiled to provide NHS managers with a complete set of resources to tackle difficult conversations, manage conflict situations and initiate mediations.

This toolkit includes:

  • The Definitive Guide to Workplace Mediation & Managing Conflict at Work 3-DVD training pack with study guide, role plays and film clips
  • How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation by Clive Lewis OBE DL, a Bloomsbury published bestseller
  • Key topic handbooks covering Difficult Conversations, Work-Life Balance, Leadership with Compassion and Performance Management
  • Be a Tackler not a Dodger Audio CD and Behaviour Guide
  • Complete set of mediation template documents, including The Mediation Commissioning Process, letters and pre-mediation documents, and example outputs of mediation
  • Telephone support

Do You…

  • Manage a team within the NHS or other healthcare setting?
  • Find yourself bogged down with grievances, disciplinary hearings and other difficult HR processes?
  • Feel like you are fighting fires rather than focussing on getting the most from your team?

Our NHS Conflict Competence Toolkit for the NHS has been specifically compiled for CEOs, HR Directors, Medical Directors and Nursing Directors.

What’s Included?

  • A comprehensive overview of conflict resolution including mediations and how to tackle difficult conversations.
  • A complete set of mediation template documents to help you use mediation as an alternative dispute resolution.
  • Hot topic handbooks that are easy to refer to and target the key issues in today’s healthcare settings.
  • Telephone support.



The complete toolkit

Manage conflict and tackle difficult conversations in healthcare settings with this complete toolkit

Produced by leading Mediator and Business Psychologist Clive Lewis OBE DL of Globis Mediation Group


Mediation Training DVD

  • 3-DVD set perfect for training, briefing sessions, seminars and workshops
  • Includes role play, film clips, slides and a study guide

How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation

Clive Lewis’ latest book published by Bloomsbury Professional

Covering key topics including the business case for mediation, setting up an in-house mediation scheme, making mediation work and the future of workplace mediation.


Be A Tackler Not A Dodger Audio CD and Behaviour Guide

  • Essential resources to kickstart your transition from dodger to tackler and help you manage difficult conversations effectively
  • Based on our bestselling Difficult Conversations training course, available in-house and bespoke for healthcare workplaces


Telephone Support

Bespoke telephone support is a key element of this toolkit.  No two mediators or mediations are the same, so if and when you need additional support in using the toolkit or applying the theory to a mediation, you can call on Globis to discuss how we can help.

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Clive Lewis OBE DL, working with the NHS

Clive Lewis is a business psychologist specialising in employee and industrial relations. He is CEO of the Globis Mediation Group. He is an accredited commercial mediator specialising in helping to solve complex one-on-one, team, organisational, multi-party and collective disputes. He is the author of 14 books. His research on Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis in the NHS was recently shortlisted for an award with The Association for Business Psychology. In partnership with NHS Employers, the research is being presented to health groups across the country. The research was also recently presented at the recent Globis ‘Resolving Conflict in NHS’ national conference in London. Clive has completed six years as a Non-Exec Director with a large Acute Trust. He currently serves on the Board of the University of the West of England (UWE). He was awarded the OBE for Public Service in the Queen's Birthday Honours List of 2011 and appointed as Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire in 2012. In his spare time, Clive plays the bass guitar.


Research, mediation and organisation diagnosis in the NHS


It takes, on average, 19 months and two weeks for a dispute to be actively resolved in a NHS setting, according to research by Business Psychologist and leading Mediation Practitioner, Clive Lewis OBE DL.

The research, ‘Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis’, explored whether the principles of medical diagnosis are also applicable to identifying organisational problems in the NHS. It covers a two year period up to 2016, analysing the outputs of 40 different mediation cases involving over 210 people (both clinicians and non-clinicians). Acute, Community, Mental Health Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups were included in the sample. The research also discovered:

  • The cost of conflict in the NHS is over £0.5bn
  • Sickness and absence levels were 2.6% higher in groups where there was conflict
  • An apology was all that was required to stop the tension in many cases
  • A third of cases featured a breach of an Equality and Diversity issue
  • Bullying and Harassment featured in two thirds of cases
  • Conflict led to the occurrence of Serious Untoward Incidents (SUIs) such as operations commencing on incorrect limbs
  • Patient cancellations increased by 176% in one hospital department riddled with conflict
  • The job planning process (or lack of) contributed to 22% of cases

Mr Lewis, who is currently touring the country presenting the research to Trust CEOs and NHS membership organisations NHS Providers and NHS Employers, says that the findings are ground breaking. “We have known for some time that we can suffer cognitive impairment when embroiled in conflict. We have never made the link between the potential harm that can patients can suffer as a result – if Surgeon and Anaesthetist become enemies and are in theatre together the consequences for the patient can be devastating”.

Mr Lewis wants NHS England to recognise the importance of investment in conflict resolution and team working strategies. “There is a potential £0.5bn of savings to be made at a time when the NHS is strapped for cash”. The research also refers to the £1.4bn spent annually by NHS Resolution on negligence claims and how an apology could nip problems in the bud and reduce these costs by one third. The research denotes mediation as a type of palliative care and concludes that organisation diagnosis is not yet a feature of NHS life.

The research leads to a number of recommendations which include a proposal that conflict becomes a matter of Governance for NHS Trusts. There is also a recommendation that training in skills such as how to have a difficult conversation becomes part of the mandatory training framework. 


More information and contact details:

  • Clive Lewis is a Business Psychologist and CEO of Globis Mediation Group and spent two terms as a Non-Executive director at one of the UK’s largest hospitals
  • The research took place in England and all information is used on an anonymous basis
  • The qualitative research used thematic analysis, based on convenience sampling
  • The research proposes that a mediation protocol should be established for every health organisation
  • The average daily cost of locum staff brought in to cover staff absence associated with conflict was £895
  • The average cost of increased sickness and absence per organisation was £2m

To speak with Mr Lewis about the research

please call 0330 100 0809

or email 


Please click below to see the presentation associated this research and example outputs of NHS mediations that Clive has conducted.

managing conflict and tackling bullying in the nhs

A conference looking at strategies to improve conflict confidence in the workplace.

Wednesday 16th October 2019


Delegates will receive a free copy of the new ‘How to tackle bullying and harassment in the NHS