NHS National Engagement Brief features research by Clive Lewis

The August edition of the NHS National Engagement Brief features a review of Mr Lewis’ research ‘mediation and organisation diagnosis in the NHS’ by David Prater, Senior Engagement Manager. The brief is produced by NHS Employers who have been working with Globis Mediation Group with on a number of topics.

The article explores the conflicts that exist within the NHS, including the high profile junior doctor contract dispute and workforce shortages. Mr Prater considers how workplace mediation can be used to solve not only immediate issues, but also has a beneficial effect on the wider organisation.

The ‘Essential Eight’ themes that are presented in the research (including difficult conversations training and lack of awareness around diversity) are also covered by Mr Prater’s article. He concludes that the areas identified by the research are already known to the NHS, indicating that the Mr Lewis has accurately captured the areas needing attention, and that the research reinforces their significance in the NHS’ journey to building conflict competence. Mr Prater concludes with saying ‘As any clinician knows, effective diagnosis requires three key things: definition of a problem, prescription of appropriate treatment, and identifying changes needed to prevent the problem returning’.


To download a copy of the report by Mr Lewis, please click here.

Helen Robinson