‘Surgeons' ‘toxic’ rows added to mortality rate, says report’ – BBC News

A news article published by the BBC on the 4th August 2018 revealed how ‘A ‘toxic’ row between surgeons at a cardiac unit contributed to a higher mortality rate’. The article was based on a leaked document which was a report into the higher than average national mortality rate within the department.

The report, seen by The Times, focused on the cardiac unit at St George’s Hospital, London and was conducted by Mike Bewick, the formed NHS England deputy medical director. 39 staff were interviewed and Professor Bewick concluded that ‘some felt there was a persistent toxic atmosphere’. He also reported that the surgeons in the unit has split into ‘two camps’ with members of the team believing that the poor performance of the team was due to the conflict that existed. To read the full report, please click here.

This report demonstrates the findings that Clive made in his own research document ‘Workplace mediation – is it helpful for evidence-based organisation diagnosis in the NHS’ in which he explored the cost of conflict within the NHS. One of his findings was that conflict in a department led to an increase in the number of serious untoward accidents.  To read more on Clive’s research please click here.