Association for Business Psychology Conference 2017

The Association for Business Psychology was formed in 2000 with the sole purpose of championing business psychology. The association is very much the voice of business psychology in the UK and promotes the development of its members. Each year the association hosts a flagship conference recognising the practical application of business psychology in the workplace and offering a meeting of minds. The conference took place on the 12th and 13th October in London and focussed on the theme of ‘the dark side of leadership’. It comprised of a series of fascinating talks and workshops highlighting the latest thinking in business psychology.  

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The conference also recognises the work of its members with the presentation of awards for outstanding work. The Association for Business Psychology’s Workforce Experience Awards programme offers a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in applying psychology to improve working lives. Whilst many awards programmes exist in the field of Human Resources generally and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Workforce Experience Awards focus directly on demonstrating the commercial and practical value of Business Psychology to organisations and their workforces.  Each year, there are hundreds of entries with only a handful making it through the rigorous examination to the shortlist. We are delighted to confirm that Clive Lewis’ work on Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis was shortlisted in the category of ‘excellence in wellbeing, health and inclusiveness’. 

Mr Lewis’ research on Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis in the NHS focussed on the impact that conflict is having on the health service. His work considered all aspects of conflict and his research revealed some shocking statistics that demonstrate just how serious an issue conflict in the NHS is. His findings revealed that 34,000 people are killed each year in the NHS due to human error and that people involved in conflict are more likely to make mistakes. The impact of this statistic is immense and adds a real urgency to the need for this to be addressed. Mr Lewis’ research identifies the ‘essential eight’ themes which can be employed to manage and prevent conflict within the NHS. These include ensuring all employees are confident and able to hold a difficult conversation and making sure that clinicians are aware of the power of an apology when mistakes are made. Mr Lewis’ work highlights the impact that conflict is having on the NHS and how it is affecting patient wellbeing. He utilised business psychology to great effect when exploring this topic.   

Clive said that ‘it was a real honour to be shortlisted and I am very proud to have my work recognised. As a relative newcomer to the field of business psychology, to receive this level of recognition is incredible.’ 

The Globis team joined the awards dinner to celebrate this achievement.  

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