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Mediation for Medics

We are the organisation many NHS Trusts turn to when help is needed.


Mediation for Medics

From time to time, medics have disputes with colleagues. It happens. You need an organisation that can come in and help quickly. We are the organisation many NHS Trusts turn to when help is needed. You won’t need to spend time discussing the health context to get us up to speed. We understand it. Every year, we mediate hundreds of disputes in the health sector. Most cases take one day even if the dispute has been going on for years. The faster a mediation can be commenced the sooner a remedy can be sought. We know that conflict that continues unchecked can spread to involve other colleagues, clinical areas and ultimately can impact on patient care.

Our ground-breaking research ‘Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis in the NHS’ led by our CEO, Clive Lewis OBE DL who has served two terms as a non-executive director within a large NHS Trust, is changing the way the health sector thinks about managing conflict. 83% of those included in the research were clinicians. The research leads to a clear business case for conflict resolution principles. 

In the last year we have mediated;

  • One to one and team disputes
  • Disputes arising from clinical or behavioural issues
  • Cases concerning bullying allegations
  • Disputes arising from the MDT process
  • Disputes about the job planning process 
  • Tension over the role of clinical lead 
  • Conflict linked to mortality and morbidity index reports
  • Team conflict impacting on patient care
  • Conflict leading to surgeons’ sickness and absence and patients being cancelled on the day of Surgery

Despite being involved in ‘end of life’ or ‘duty of candour’ conversations with patients, medics sometimes need help in order to have a difficult conversation with a colleague or team member. 

Our involvement is frequently commissioned by Chief Executives, Medical Directors and Clinical Leads. We now have an established evidence base from our work that participation in the mediation process can help restore a healthy work life balance, reduce anxiety and restore sleep patterns for all parties involved. 

Do you want to commission a mediation session to help with a dispute amongst medics?

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We also carry out Investigations and deliver Difficult Conversation training sessions.