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introduction to mediation in the workplace

1 Day Course



This one day introductory course has been designed to equip delegate with the skills and confidence to tackle conflict situations in the early stages with the aim of preventing escalation. The course provides an exploration of the world of conflict resolution, focusing on workplace mediation.

Aim of the course

The course will equip delegates with a solid understanding of the concept of workplace mediation and its practical application. The delegates will be taken through the stages of a mediation, including opening statements, private sessions, reality testing and negotiation, equipping them with the confidence to manage their own mediation sessions. The course will also explore in detail the skills that a mediator needs to be effective in tackling workplace conflict in its early stages.


Course content

The course will cover the following topics:

·         Workplace Mediation and Organisation Diagnosis – research by Mr Lewis

·         Workplace Mediation – exploration of theory and context

·         Why the grievance and disciplinary process will always fall short

·         How to use mediation to resolve rather than settle issues

·         The stages of mediation

·         The Globis Mediation Group LAETR™ model

·         Mediator skills – the essential toolkit including resilience, listening and creativity

·         Successful mediators and unsuccessful mediators

·         Difficult Conversations: ten steps to becoming a tackler not a dodger

·         The neuroscience of difficult conversations

·         Next steps


The highly interactive session will employ a range of facilitation tools to ensure that all delegates are engaged. Our expert facilitators are skilled at creating positive learning environments where delegates can test out new techniques and skills in safe and supportive surroundings. They will share their own experiences to encourage a constructive and productive environment. The course will utilise:

 ·         Stand up delivery

·         Group discussion

·         Mediation demonstration

·         Case study

·         Video observation

·    Comprehensive delegate resource pack



Who Should Attend?

Line managers, HR professionals, employment lawyers, trade union representatives, people dealing with difficult and sensitive issues

Course dates and costs




July 2019
Location - Birmingham (venue tba)

November 2019
Location - London (venue tba)

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