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HR Consulting

Globis provide preventative and remedial Human Resources solutions. Everything Globis does is focussed on building better relationships at work. Globis helps HR teams who want transformational outcomes that deliver high value employee services.The approach at Globis is to help improve the delivery of the HR strategy and enhance employee and customer satisfaction.

Equality and Diversity Management

Bullying and Harassment

Stress Management  


Conflict Management



 For an overview of training courses that Globis offers on non-mediation subjects, please click here.

Globis Mediation Group provides a full outsourced ER service

The average manager spends one day each week dealing with workplace conflict. 

Outsourcing the management of your employment relations service to Globis Mediation Group could be a cost effective solution that helps HR teams to focus on transformational support.

We have been supporting a range of organisations with their ER services since our inception in 2004. We take pride in working in partnership with our clients and organisations trust us with their mediation, investigation and training needs. We work with some of the world’s largest organisations covering both the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The list of demands on HR teams is growing by the month. Outsourcing your ER service provision has a great many benefits, including:

• It allows HR teams to focus on being a business partner
• It is cost effective
• It allows line managers to retain responsibility for issues in their team
• It can improve flexibility

Our professional, customer focussed services include:

Mediation services; appoint a mediator, train to be a mediator, set up an in-house scheme or let us support an existing scheme

Investigations; objective and full/part exploration of bullying, harassment, complaints, whistle-blowing or grievance claims

Change management: support during organisational change, achieving the required business and people objectives

Conflict management; supports organisations to create a strategy to prevent workplace conflict, including managing difficult conversations

Grievance process; we support the administrative requirements as the grievance process progresses

Whatever ER needs your organisation has, be it a one off incident or a series of events, we can help you. Call Helen Robinson on 0330 100 0809 or email for further guidance and support.

We very much hope to be able to assist you.

Equality & Diversity

Today’s business environment is continually changing. Most organisations have begun to appreciate the importance of diversity. In many cases, corporate responses to issues relating to gender, age, disability, sexuality and race have been driven by moral, ethical, legislative or public relations imperatives. Increasingly, however, the promotion of diversity is seen as a strategic economic response to the changing characteristics of marketplaces, customers and the human resource pool.

The Equality Act, introduced in October 2010 consolidated existing legislation on sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age. If you would like advice on your Equality & Diversity strategy or begin Equality Impact Assessments, please get in touch.

Globis also offer Equality and Diversity Briefing Sessions to help your organisation prepare for the Act. Please call on 0330 100 0809 for further information on how Globis can support your organisation.

Whether you are in the public or private sector, Globis can assist you in enabling diversity to enhance your company’s performance in a number of key areas. Our approach is commercial, analytical, practical, cost-effective and objective, delivered in the context of a corporate modernisation and change management agenda.

Bullying & Harassment

Bullying and harassment are a risk to your health and well being.

Globis work with organisations who want to ensure that they have a bully-free environment. This is done through a mix of training, coaching and helping draft, communicate and implement an appropriate anti-bullying and harassment policy and putting preventative measures in place to stop reoccurrence.

Globis offers advice on how best to prevent workplace bullying and harassment, including the following areas:

• The real cost of bullying and harassment to individuals, colleagues, the team and the organisation
• The potential causes of bullying and harassment at work
• The link between bullying and harassment with health and well being

Globis offers a workshop, which provides delegates with an understanding of the nature of bullying and harassment. This is a bespoke workshop tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 

Globis can also advise organisations on HR policies concerning bullying and harassment. 

For further information on how Globis can support your organisation with preventing bullying and harassment, call on 0330 100 0809. 

Stress Management

In organisations everywhere, employees are facing increasing pressures in trying to be both effective at work and to maintain a quality home life.

Modern business demands high quality performance, short response times, long working hours and heavy workloads. At home people face money pressures, family demands, education concerns, high lifestyle expectations and limited time with loved ones. When an employee has a problem, whether the origin is work or home-based, performance in the workplace is likely to be affected.

  • Stress affects one in five of the working population.
  • It is now the single biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK.
  • It costs UK industry £3.7 billion each year. 

It makes sense, therefore, to take the best care of your employees and their psychological needs - not just to comply with legislation, but also to inspire greater commitment, efficiency and productivity. Please click here to see how Globis can help you manage stress effectively in your organisation.

Organisational Design Systems

Are you planning a department, function or company reorganisation? Or do you want to eliminate ongoing organisational difficulties?

Globis help organisations design organisation systems that help improve productivity and reduce wasted costs. Costs are usually seen through areas such as wasted management time, stress, employee turnover, organisation restructuring, lowered job motivation, theft/damage or absence.

Globis work with organisations to assess associated costs through a conflict audit which measures the issues and associated costs your organisation may have.