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Employee Investigation Service

Globis Mediation Group provides a complete, confidential and comprehensive investigation service.


robust and transparent

It is critical that employers ensure employee investigations are conducted in a robust and transparent way. Failure to do so could lead to claims for unfair dismissal at a later stage.  We have been helping organisations conduct employee investigations for over 10 years.
Whether you call us on an ad-hoc basis, or outsource your investigation service to us, you will benefit from our years of experience. 

Globis Mediation Group provides a complete, confidential and comprehensive investigation service. Investigations can be time consuming for managers who may also be too close to the case to be seen as objective, inadequately trained or simply too busy. By utilising the extensive experience of Globis Mediation Group you are ensuring that a totally neutral investigation is carried out at the highest level that will stand up to rigorous scrutiny. 

Investigations can be utilised for a range of matters including alleged misconduct, bullying, harassment, grievance, disciplinaries, high levels of absence or whistleblowing. Globis has experience of investigating complex incidents at all levels within organisations, including at director level. 

The investigation process

Our experienced investigators will manage the entire investigation, which will typically follow this process:

  • Initial meeting to be briefed on the need for the investigation
  • Agreeing terms of reference, timescales and key issues for the investigation process
  • Identifying relevant personnel to be interviewed and conducting interviews  
  • Compile signed and dated witness statements and other appropriate evidence
  • Compiling a thorough confidential report summarising the findings
  • Making recommendations for next steps
  • Presenting findings to the commissioning executive
  • Providing ongoing support for recommendations where required

Investigations conducted by Globis are always:

  • Completely independent
  • Robust and objective
  • Transparent
  • Thorough and rigorous
  • Sensitively and respectfully conducted
  • Benefitted by years of experience

Health Sector Investigations

If you are in the Health Sector, we have lots of experience working work Acute Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Community Health Trusts and Mental Health Trusts. The Francis Report has led to an increase in the number of investigations requested by health organisations. Our work spans both clinical and non-clinical matters. We have experience of investigating issues that:

  • Many become General Medical Council (GMC) issues
  • Might be about patient care
  • Include allegations of working whilst sick
  • Are trying to determine the balance between private sector and non-private sector
  • Result from Never Events and Serious Untoward Incidents 

Case Study

Download our case study for Workplace Investigation for a Large Local Authority.

For more about our experience of investigations in Health, please contact us on 0330 100 0809 or contact us

Investigation Service FAQs

How long does an investigation normally take?

It depends on the level of complexity and parties involved but most investigations are completed within 30 days

Why should we use an independent investigator?

Line managers who carry out investigations probably do so infrequently. This means that the process is likely to take longer than is necessary. It also may not be as robust as it should be as issues from ones day job can get in the way. Bias may also be questioned. Our independent investigators consistently produce quality efficient work. 


How much does a grievance cost our organisation?

The CIPD indicate that managing the grievance and disciplinary process costs in excess of £20,000 per case.

If an Employment Tribunal (ET) follows does Globis Mediation Group provide support?

Yes, if required we can supply an expert witness at an Employment Tribunal. 


How do I find and appoint an independent investigator?

Call Globis Mediation Group on 0330 100 0809 or contact us


Do you have a matter that needs investigating immediately? We aim to provide next day support to ensure a speedy resolution of a difficult situation. To discuss your case in confidence, please call us on 0330 100 0809 or contact us