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Developing Personal Resilience

1 day course



From time to time, we all have to endure set-backs, adversity and hardship. Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from these occasions. It is possible to learn and develop the skills associated with resilience. Coping with demanding jobs and balancing a life outside of work can be testing. Those that perform at the highest level demonstrate flexibility, high energy and mental toughness. Today’s places of work are tougher than ever. Resilience is a vital competency for coping well during challenging times. Maintaining wellbeing and staying focussed to lead others are key traits of those with a developed sense of resilience.

Course content

This Masterclass will equip you with tools and skills to keep your resilience levels high and to offer support to those around you when they are in need. You will learn:

  • the difference between work pressure, performance, wellbeing and resilience
  • how to identify your natural strengths and manage risks
  • how to take actions to build and maintain personal resilience
  • how to respond (rather than react) to the pressures and demands of working life
  • the core essentials of wellbeing
  • how to recognise and control your own feelings better
  • how to become more level-headed and objective under pressure
  • how to reduce your anxiety levels around home/work issues

Delegates will also receive a free copy of ‘Work-Life Balance: How to put work in its place and reclaim your life’, written by Clive Lewis.


Who Should Attend?

Middle and senior managers 


This course is led by Business Psychologist Clive Lewis OBE DL.  Clive will be joined by other tutors who are specialists in the field of developing resilience and wellbeing.

Course dates and costs


£449 + VAT

This price includes a resilience diagnostic tool that will provide additional personal insight for you


September 2019

Location - Birmingham

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