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Developing Personal Resilience

1 day course



From time to time, we all have to endure setbacks, adversity and hardship. Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from these occasions. It is possible to learn and develop the skills associated with resilience. Coping with demanding jobs and balancing a life outside of work can be testing. Those that perform at the highest level demonstrate flexibility, high energy and mental toughness. Today’s places of work are tougher than ever. Resilience is a vital competency for coping well during challenging times. Maintaining well-being and staying focused to lead others are key traits of those with a developed sense of resilience.

Globis Mediation Group offers a comprehensive and proven resilience programme. Developed by Occupational Psychologist Katherine McEwan, the Resilience at Work (R@W) scale offers an insightful, accurate tool and our workshops apply practical, evidence-based materials to develop an individual plan for building resilience.

Course content

Delegates attending this course will complete the R@W Scale prior to attending (5-10 minutes online). The scale is a scientifically researched measure of individual workplace resilience that measures the seven components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience as shown in the R@W Sustain 7 model below.


R@W Scale

Sustain 7 model

R@W Scale Benefits

The benefits of the R@W Scale over many of the other resilience instruments available is that it:

  • Is validated and specifically designed for the workplace

  • Relates to everyday work behaviours that can be changed rather than personality factors

  • Takes into account the impact of the organisational context in which people are working

  • Considers management of current work challenges

  • Provides a comprehensive feedback report that is easily translated into practical actions

  • Places emphasis on building strengths in addition to better managing the stress and specific issues people are facing

  • Provides bench marking on the seven components of personal work resilience

  • Takes a holistic approach and considers all aspects of resilience – physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual (purpose and values)

The workshop will be a highly interactive and experiential session, that will provide attendees with practical strategies that are cohesive with everyday working practice. Delegates will be provided with quality learning resources and be exposed to activities and materials that have been proven to provide maximum impact and results. Delegates will leave the session with a thorough understanding of what resilience is, why it is critical, appreciation of their current resilience levels and a strategic, personal plan of how to build their resilience.


Who Should Attend?

We believe that anyone can benefit from this course.


This course is led by Business Psychologist Paul Chudleigh.  You can read more about Paul here.

Course dates and costs


£449 + VAT

This price includes a resilience diagnostic tool that will provide additional personal insight for you

We also offer in-house workshops for teams and leaders – contact us to find out how we can support your organisation with building resilience.


September 2019

Location - Birmingham

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