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Executive Coaching Services

We'll help you, your business or organisation raise your game.


Coaching in Organisations

The high calibre, qualified and accredited executive coaches of Globis help individuals, top executive teams and boards raise their game right across the UK.


Business coaching is aimed at senior executives who want to achieve improvements in business performance. The focus of coaching is on improving a person’s skills and knowledge in order to improve their job performance, achieve organisational objectives and personal goals.


A recent survey conducted by the CIPD revealed that the rise of coaching within organisations has been ‘meteoric’. 64% of the companies surveyed use external coaches – with 99% of respondents agreeing that ‘coaching can deliver tangible benefits to individuals and organisations’.


Globis has a team of experienced coaches who offer both/either face to face or telephone coaching.


As coaching is such a personal experience, any individual can benefit from it. By spending quality time with a coach, an individual will be able to assess their strengths, skills, goals and development areas, and work on a strategy to help them achieve their aims. Some delegates who have utilised the expertise of Globis’ coaches to achieve outstanding results have been in the following situations:

  • A manager who wanted to develop their presentation skills and interview techniques

  • A manager having been recently promoted, wondering how to cope with the transition and doubting his ability

  • A business owner seeking to regain a work/life balance and grow their business

  • A senior manager seeking someone to talk to who would give their full attention and help work through all of the issues they were preoccupied with

  • A business manager considering implementing a major change who wanted to talk the idea through with someone who brought neutrality, robust challenge and support

  • A senior manager who wanted to be a more effective leader and role model

clive Lewis as coach

Throughout his career Clive, our CEO, has been regularly contacted by professionals seeking his advice on a range of issues. In response to this Clive now offers a coaching provision to support executives in progressing their goals. 

Whether you are a senior executive who has fallen out with your boss, an executive trying to develop your skills, or someone thinking about your next move - you should talk to Clive. Making contact with Clive could be for remedial reasons such as a recent error in judgement or experiencing conflict with a colleague, or perhaps, you want to raise your profile in your organisation or industry or strategically prepare for the future. You might also be a line manager who wants to invest in some coaching sessions for a direct report.

Sessions are offered via Skype, telephone or face to face and are for UK and non-UK based professionals alike. Email support follows each session. Clive has had his own career and personal development plan since 1997. He guarantees that if you follow through on the actions he discusses, you will see results.

There is a good chance that you already know something of Clive’s extensive experience, but, in case you don’t, some of his experience includes:

  • Over 20 years in HR (five as HR director)
  • Eight years as a non-executive director
  • Over 15 years running a business
  • Author of 14 books
  • Government advisor (UK and non-UK)
  • Philanthropist and founder of a national non-profit organisation
  • Author of government report
  • Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Holds an MSc in Business Psychology

 Coaching sessions will be of benefit to you if:

  • You are a professional seeking career or ‘on the job’ advice
  • You want to improve your performance at work
  • You run a small business and want to take it to the next level
  • You are interested in completing a psychometric tool to increase your insight
  • You want to create a career/personal development plan that will deliver results
  • You are experiencing high levels of stress at work
  • You need a coach to offer challenge, non-judgmental advice and experience
  • You are thinking about stepping off the corporate treadmill
  • Any other career based situation 

Each session is 90-120 minutes in duration and can be scheduled to fit your diary (including out of hours). 

Let us know if you would like to commission Clive as coach.

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Please contact Globis on 0330 100 0809

to discuss how coaching can help you achieve your goals.