Difficult Conversations - Audio Book

Difficult Conversations - Audio Book

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Difficult Conversations

10 Steps to Becoming a Tackler not a Dodger


In life, you are either a tackler or a dodger. A tackler is a person who deals with situations as and when they arrive, regardless of their potential awkwardness or unpleasantness. They don’t procrastinate or put things off no matter how unappetising the impending conversation might be. To a tackler, the right outcome is the key. So how does a dodger become a tackler? This audiobook outlines ten steps to help you deal with an impending difficult conversation, giving examples of what to say and what to avoid in order to ensure that you swap your dodging spots for tackler’s stripes. Written by Clive Lewis OBE, founding director of Globis Mediation Group, it comes packed with advice and experience from an industry leader in employee relations.

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