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Clive outside work

I hope you are enjoying the late summer!

A different theme to today’s missive. First, as regular readers will know, in a bid to achieve a better sense of work-life balance, I joined a function band just over 12 months ago. Some of my evenings and weekends are taken up playing bass guitar at different events. Now then, planning for the Christmas party season is well underway. A number of readers have asked whether our band could play at their corporate Christmas function

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Getting out of survival mode

I cannot claim any credit for today’s missive. A few weeks ago I read an article in the Observer which had a positive impact on me and which, I share with you today. The article is entitled  ‘8 Things every person should do before 8am’,  written by Benjamin Hardy. The context is that life is busy. It can feel impossible to move towards your dreams. If you have a full time job and children it becomes even harder.  

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Dealing with stress (part I)

I hope you have had a good summer. I promised to be back with my weekly missive in September. Many line managers have returned from the summer break to continue working on cost saving and restructuring plans. I can’t remember a time when I have had so many conversations with people who are about to encounter such significant change. If you are (or may be) personally affected, try and keep a positive frame of mind about the situation. I speak from experience.

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Sunday Afternoon Syndrome

For some time I have had a theory about something I refer to as Sunday Afternoon Syndrome (SAS). Here is the scenario. It is Friday morning. You have a spring in your step. The weekend is one day away. You go to work and count down the hours until 5.00pm and then leave on the hour. Your weekend starts. Friday evening goes well, having a night in with a takeaway, finished by watching Jonathan Ross.

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