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The Second Victim

 A few years ago, I was invited to mediate in a case where two female Consultants from an Acute Trust had fallen out. Both Consultants had been drafted in to help at a local hospice. There was a dispute about the handover process from one Consultant Sarah, to the other, Eva. Somehow, Eva who had just started her shift hadn’t registered that 67-year old Mr. Smith was allergic to morphine despite his notes indicating this.

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Sleep and conflict: A time to prescribe workplace mediation in the NHS?

Sleep deprivation is affecting an increasing number of people who are embroiled in conflict. I recently asked 72 people who had been engaged in the process of workplace mediation in the NHS on a one-to-one or team basis about the impact of conflict on their sleep. An overwhelming number of 64 commented that their sleep had been affected in a moderate or significant way. One person from the North chose to use his periods of insomnia to send emails to colleagues at 3.00am voicing his discontent with how he felt he had been treated. The business case for workplace mediation in the NHS has suddenly been bolstered.

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The power of mediation

I remember vividly a case involving a world-renowned surgeon. It was the first time I had ever worked with her although I have mediated a number of cases for the organisation she is associated with. On meeting her for the pre-mediation discussion, it struck me that she was being somewhat guarded with the information she was sharing.

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Take 5 minutes

At funerals, we tend to hear about how great people were. It is unfortunate that many of us neglect to take a few minutes to stop and tell someone how they are appreciated or write a thank you card after a particular event while they are alive. I received a hand written thank you card the other day after giving a short talk at a community event.

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Three things

I have three short things to include on this months missive. First, thank you to those who have already completed our Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution Survey.
This is the first time that we have ever attempted get a national snapshot in this way. If you can, I would also be grateful if you would be kind enough to bring the survey to the attention of HR professionals and colleagues from other functions across your network.

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A special welcome if you are receiving this missive for the first time!

Recently, I received a telephone call. When my colleague told me who the call was from, prior to me taking the call, I thought, “I recognise her name”.

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Flies, flies and more flies

Many people who are engaged in some form of dispute keep a record of events. In some cases, by the time parties have agreed to meet and mediate, a tree load of paperwork has been generated. In one case I recall a mediator telling me that he had looked through 17 A4 lever arch files of information – from one party.

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Employment Tribunal survey

Every 5 years, the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications (SETA) is published. It is a fascinating read. It is to me anyway. A few weeks ago, the latest survey was published. It covers the period up to the end of December 2008. The report runs to more than 250 pages. Here are some of the highlights from two of the categories

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My learning experience

Last week, you might recall I mentioned that I was about to do something that I haven’t done for years. Well, I did it. Last Friday I assisted one of the ’10-15′ that I referred to in my last missive. It was excellent. This was done as part of my personal development plan (PDP).

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What about you (again)?

Remember this topic?

Late last year, you might recall that my weekly missives focussed on the theme of personal development for a while. I mentioned that HR professionals often spend huge amounts of time and energy concentrating on the development of others but they regularly forget about themselves. I think that Cobbler’s Children was the term I used. I know that not everyone who receives this weekly text is a HR professional.

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A story that shocked

I attended a conference with around 200 people from the mediation industry last week. It was very good. Excellent in fact. Expert speakers covered a range of specialist areas. These included 2 high court judges – Lord Neuberger and Sir Rupert Jackson. I gave an update on workplace mediation in the UK.

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My first experience

Recently, I did my first telephone mediation. This was a case where the court had ordered mediation to take place prior to a court hearing. It was a commercial dispute over an unpaid invoice. Because of the geographical distance between the parties, the nature of the dispute and the cessation of an ongoing relationship, one of the parties requested telephone mediation.

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The Sick GP

You might know that I have a very keen interest in the correlation between conflict and health and well-being. Just yesterday, I met up with someone who I haven’t seen for a few years. She spoke in a whisper. She lost her voice 8 months ago. The doctors first thought it was laryngitis. They now know that it is as a result of prolonged conflict and stress.

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Restorative justice

Almost every week, I see or hear something new that amazes me about the transformational power of mediation. Recently, I read a case study about community mediation that made a real impact on me. This week, I thought I would share it with you. Try and stick with it. It’s not long, just one side of A4.

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Workplace mediation forum

There are some weeks when my Sunday missive strikes a chord so many readers that I receive lots of email responses and telephone calls. Last week’s missive generated the second highest level of responses I have ever had. It has prompted an idea. I am thinking it through, and checking out one or two things and will refer back soon on the detail. So, please watch this space.

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