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The Boardroom II

A short thought. What can happen when conflict occurs at Board level?

There is a misnomer in some regards about conflict at Board level. You might recall me previously mentioning that conflict is scale free. By this I mean that conflict affects us all irrespective of our occupation or seniority. Some people believe that the more senior you are, the less conflict will be prevalent. This is not the case. In fact, often, individuals in the Boardroom might say that they arrived at such lofty heights because they aren’t backward in coming forward.

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Back to School

Hello- Clive here. Last Thursday, I received a card with about 3 sides of hand written text from my daughter’s former primary school Head Teacher. She retired in July after 15 years as Head of the school. She was a first class Head Teacher. When I heard of her retirement, I was delighted for her but disappointed for the school.

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A Personal Experience

During 2006/7, I chaired a government appointed independent panel. Our remit was to produce a report relating to equality and diversity and the cost of underachievement in the UK. I was invited to take part in this project because on my ongoing involvement in charity work. The panel consisted of about 25 people from various professional backgrounds. As you might imagine, it emerged that there were a mix of ideas, opinions and suggestions about the trajectory the group should take. We normally met once a month. At the 9 month halfway stage problems set in.

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