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What is conflict?

Imagine these scenarios.

Scenario 1

A single man (Brian) accepts an overseas assignment with his employer and has to relocate. He travels to his new country of residence and begins to look for suitable accommodation. He spends a weekend viewing over ten properties and is traumatised by the fact that he can’t decide which one to go for. He loses sleep over the next few days as he agonises over the decision that he has to give his employer in the next 72 hours.

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Liked, respected or both?

I’ve touched on this theme before.  Two weeks ago a matter came up that I needed some guidance and advice on. Because of the nature of the issue, there were only around a dozen people in the mediation industry that I could think of who could have given me a view.  I decided to call a lawyer, well known in the mediation field.  I have known him for around 6 or 7 years. The reason I approached him was because in all my previous dealings with him, he has struck me as being honest and non-political.

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Don’t Put it Off

In some cases it might be for a few weeks. In others it could be for a few months or perhaps years. Often there is false hope that the situation might just go away, but usually it never does. It can be similar to refraining from going to the doctor for a minor ailment. Putting off the visit can sometimes be catastrophic, costly and perhaps fatal. Perhaps you know of a situation right now.

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