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Psychological Trauma

Many of us are familiar with the term Trauma. We hear it mentioned in relation to the exceptional work undertaken by doctors and nurses up and down the country who help to rebuild lives after a distressing event such as a car accident, stabbing or physical injury. We are also familiar with the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This term became well known as we begun to learn more about the stories of brave members of the armed forces who need help to recover following experiences on the front line.

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Employment Tribunal Fees Judgment July 2017

About four years ago, I was invited by the Department for Business to think through the potential ramifications of reforming the Employment Tribunal Court service. This included the provision to speak to Acas prior to lodging a claim, and the introduction of tribunal fees. Yesterday, in one of the most significant employment law decisions for fifty years, we learned that the Supreme Court has ruled that Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful because they have the effect of preventing access to justice.

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Chronic Embitterment

Some of you will have heard me speak on the topic of chronic embitterment. Embitterment is an emotion encompassing persistent feelings of being let down, insulted, being a loser and being revengeful but helpless (Linden, M 2003).  I am seeing more and more aspects of chronic embitterment surfacing in organisations. It is often played out as a reaction to bullying, harassment or breaches of equality. Embitterment usually stems from a series of events rather than a one-off isolated event as originally thought in early research.

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What is conflict?

Imagine these scenarios.

Scenario 1

A single man (Brian) accepts an overseas assignment with his employer and has to relocate. He travels to his new country of residence and begins to look for suitable accommodation. He spends a weekend viewing over ten properties and is traumatised by the fact that he can’t decide which one to go for. He loses sleep over the next few days as he agonises over the decision that he has to give his employer in the next 72 hours.

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Vicarious liability

Before I get to the missive, please join us at our next 1 day Difficult Conversations open course on 6 April in Central London or our 5 day accredited workplace mediation course on 11-13 and 19-20 May, again in Central London.

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The power of mediation

I remember vividly a case involving a world-renowned surgeon. It was the first time I had ever worked with her although I have mediated a number of cases for the organisation she is associated with. On meeting her for the pre-mediation discussion, it struck me that she was being somewhat guarded with the information she was sharing.

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Trade Unions

I do hope your summer has got off to a great start. No doubt you have heard of Government plans to reform trade union legislation. I like many others am taking a keen interest in what happens here. This month’s missive is about the background and current state of play of the trade union movement.

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Storytelling – issues that cut deep

Here is the second missive in my series about storytelling.

But, before you get there, four links that might be of interest:

Many have been asking about the band I play in. My weekends are busy playing at corporate events, weddings and private parties. It is really helping my work-life balance. Here is a link to the website with some music tracks you can listen to:

Leading mediator punches boyfriend

Clive as Coach

Preorder your copy of my latest book, ‘How to Master Employment and Workplace Mediation’ published by Bloomsbury here

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Three things

I have three short things to include on this months missive. First, thank you to those who have already completed our Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution Survey.
This is the first time that we have ever attempted get a national snapshot in this way. If you can, I would also be grateful if you would be kind enough to bring the survey to the attention of HR professionals and colleagues from other functions across your network.

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A special welcome if you are receiving this missive for the first time!

Recently, I received a telephone call. When my colleague told me who the call was from, prior to me taking the call, I thought, “I recognise her name”.

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Mediating dangerously

As some of you might know, Mediating Dangerously is the title of a book written by Ken Cloke. The book deals with how mediators might operate at an advanced and complex level. It includes many case studies. I use the same topic today but in a slightly different context.

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Flies, flies and more flies

Many people who are engaged in some form of dispute keep a record of events. In some cases, by the time parties have agreed to meet and mediate, a tree load of paperwork has been generated. In one case I recall a mediator telling me that he had looked through 17 A4 lever arch files of information – from one party.

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Employment Tribunal survey

Every 5 years, the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications (SETA) is published. It is a fascinating read. It is to me anyway. A few weeks ago, the latest survey was published. It covers the period up to the end of December 2008. The report runs to more than 250 pages. Here are some of the highlights from two of the categories

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The Sick GP

You might know that I have a very keen interest in the correlation between conflict and health and well-being. Just yesterday, I met up with someone who I haven’t seen for a few years. She spoke in a whisper. She lost her voice 8 months ago. The doctors first thought it was laryngitis. They now know that it is as a result of prolonged conflict and stress.

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Workplace mediation forum

There are some weeks when my Sunday missive strikes a chord so many readers that I receive lots of email responses and telephone calls. Last week’s missive generated the second highest level of responses I have ever had. It has prompted an idea. I am thinking it through, and checking out one or two things and will refer back soon on the detail. So, please watch this space.

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Sunday Afternoon Syndrome

For some time I have had a theory about something I refer to as Sunday Afternoon Syndrome (SAS). Here is the scenario. It is Friday morning. You have a spring in your step. The weekend is one day away. You go to work and count down the hours until 5.00pm and then leave on the hour. Your weekend starts. Friday evening goes well, having a night in with a takeaway, finished by watching Jonathan Ross.

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