New Bridge Builders video

About 4 years ago, an afternoon meeting was rescheduled in my diary. Unexpectedly, I found myself with about 3 hours free. I used the time to remain in my hotel room and draft a plan to launch something I had been thinking about for some time. The plan became the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme.

Bridge Builders is a not-for-profit organisation that supports boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. I had previously chaired a government panel on this theme.

Since its inception, Bridge Builders has helped hundreds of children. The latest Bridge Builders video has just been released. You can view it here. (It is less than 5 minutes long!).

I am grateful to Leigh Lafever-Ayer and the team at Enterprise Rent A Car who have partnered with us from the start. I am also thankful to all our Mentors, the NHS, Sainsburys and the Bridge Builders team for helping us on our journey. Thanks also to Barney Witts at Fluxx Films for doing such a great job with the video!

Until the next time. Have a great week!

Once again, here is the video link.

Clive Lewis OBE DL