Lumina Psychometric Tool

During the summer of 2016, I trained to become a Practitioner of the Lumina Psychometric tool. A CEO has recently used the tool as part of a recruitment process and has been suitably impressed at how it helped him to make a better-informed appointment. Based on the ‘Big 5’ and the best of ‘Jung’, the Lumina tool is unique because it avoids stereotyping whilst communicating personal preferences using memorable colours. It is excellent for gaining an insight into how one might work effectively with others. Think Myers Briggs plus! 

After completing a short online questionnaire, you will receive a personalised portrait. This accurately describes who you are and provides some practical tips on understanding and building rapport with others. The Lumina tool is excellent for both recruitment and development. Its purpose is to enable organisations to experience transformation through their people.

I have been so impressed by the tool that we have now embarked on a partnership with Lumina. You can experience the tool for yourself too. In order to do so, simply click here  and complete the questionnaire. It takes just 15 minutes. I will then email your free portrait to you. You will find it most insightful. 

In addition, the tool also has an application that can be used for organisations specifically in a Sales Environment. 

Here is the link again.

I am in no doubt that you will be as impressed as I have been.