Happy New Year!

Quote of the day:

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.
— Robert Tew

I hope you have had a good break over the Christmas and New Year period. I did. I saw a great online article over the Christmas period. Perhaps you saw it too. It reminded me that at this time of year, many press the reset button on objectives, dreams and ambitions. We can make the mistake of giving up too early. Whilst we have seen some in the Generation Y category achieve notoriety and success, many have to wait much longer. Don’t give up. The following might encourage and inspire you:

  • James Sinegal founded Costco at 47
  • Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks at 51
  • Ray Kroc started McDonalds at 52
  • Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche at 56
  • Charles Flint founded IBM at 61
  • Col. Harland Saunders founded KFC at 62

So, there is no reason to let length of experience get in the way. Excuses are something we all have to face and work around. You know what I mean I’m sure. Ask yourself why you didn’t achieve that objective, why you weren’t able to keep up the fitness routine, why you weren’t able to stick to the healthy eating plan. Asking and answering these types of questions will help you focus on 2016 with greater clarity. It might even be difficult to remember the target you set yourself at the start of 2015.

Anyway, enough on that. One great way to start the year is to tackle an issue that has challenged you for some time. With this in mind, the results of our Difficult Conversations survey are now available. We will be sending out the outputs shortly. Please watch this space!

For now, I hope 2016 brings you much happiness.



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