Lifelong learning

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary
— Vince Lombardi

‘Hi Clive


Just a short note thanking you for making a very awkward and stressful process endurable. Your patience and professionalism certainly were the main contributory factors that enabled the process to be completed.  


I am optimistic that in the end there will be a satisfactory conclusion not only for Sarah but all parties concerned.


Once again thank you & best regards



Trade Union Representative



Lifelong learning

I am now in my final stages of completing my MSc in Business Psychology. It has been and still is a fascinating experience. I thought I was well versed in the understanding of individuals, teams, conflict and organisations but I have learnt so much more. Much, much more! I am very grateful to my colleague Paul Chudleigh for introducing me to the world of both Business Psychology and Neuroscience.

I was invited to give an inspirational talk at a school in the Midlands the other day. The audience was a group of pupils moving from year 11 into 6th form to do their A Levels, their families and teachers. One of the things I spoke about was that education is a journey of which GCSEs and A Levels are a part. An important part of course, but not the finish line. My current studies have allowed me to bring enhanced richness on at least three levels:

  • To those I coach (I hope they would agree)
  • To delegates who attend training courses I run
  • To parties in dispute

There is also of course the home front but that isn’t for today. However, if anyone has any tips on how to permanently incentivise a teenager to tidy up after themselves please call me!

The point of this month’s short missive is that the journey that we are all on is long. It is not so much about speed. It is more about endurance. I attended a one day workshop for people who run businesses last Saturday. Three of the learning points I came away with were: it is important to have purpose; secondly, focus is critical; and thirdly, stay positive. This triple-lock philosophy has been a good recipe for many notable individuals. I’m sure it can work for you and me too.

I do hope all your festive preparations are coming along nicely, as well as your dreams for the New Year. Yes, it is okay to dream but remember, a plan that is not written down, is likely to remain just that – a dream. Personally, I have already set myself a big objective for 2016. I will let you know once it is in place.

Every success for the month of December.