Another year

Change your thoughts and you change your world
— Dr Norman Vincent Peale

Happy new year! It is hard to believe that we are at the start of another year already. Conflict can be horrid stuff. Its effects can be extremely harmful to one’s health.  In our line of work, we are grateful that throughout 2014 we have been able to assist many people to extract themselves out of conflict and difficulties in workplace. One of the best feelings ever is being able to wake up in the morning knowing that a period of conflict and tension is now history. Many individuals have told me how ‘priceless’ this is.


Personally, during 2015, I am looking forward to being one step closer to completing my MSc in Business Psychology. We will be introducing some changes as a result. This will involve adding a number of service areas to our core offering. In fact, a number of organisations have benefited from this already. More details will follow but keep a close look out. It is all rather exciting!

Missed opportunities

No doubt, like me, there have been opportunities you have missed out on throughout the last year. The unfortunate thing is that we are unlikely to know about most of them. There are two examples I quote below of situations I would rather not be in.

First, you might remember a young couple who missed out on a £3million lottery fortune after losing their ticket describing their ordeal as the ‘cruellest torture imaginable’. On what should have been a joyous first wedding anniversary, Martyn and Kay Tott told how their astonishingly bad luck had ended their dreams and left them devastated. After hearing a TV appeal about the unclaimed jackpot and recognising the numbers as their own, they had turned their flat upside down looking for the ticket – without success.

Second, is the story that on one fateful day in the summer of 1980, three suited gentlemen from IBM called on a band of programmers at Digital Research Inc. located in California. They hoped to discuss licensing DRI’s industry-leading operating system, CP/M. Instead, DRI founder Gary Kildall went off to play in his aeroplane. The frustrated colleagues from IBM turned to Bill Gates for their operating system and the rest is well known history!

The moral, for me, is to keep focused. You never know when the next big opportunity might come your way or who might bring it along!


I wish you a 2015 full of opportunities!

Until next month,



Helen RobinsonCareer