Giving back and be careful what you tell your children

I know this is a slightly intriguing title. Read on to find out more…

Giving back

As many of you will know, I have a strong interest in helping youngsters from poor backgrounds – particularly in the areas of social mobility and employability. We have a not for profit entity called Bridge Builders that is designed to do just this. We provide mentoring for schools. Our mentors are middle and senior managers from corporate organisations. Our vision is 100 schools, 1000 pupils, 250 mentors. We are looking to sign up more mentors and more corporate partners. Interested? Please visit the website to find out more.

Read our recent announcement about helping more children from poor backgrounds here.

Be careful what you tell your children

If, like me, you have children who are growing up in the age of technology this may make you shudder.

In our line of work, confidentiality can be critical. A former school head recently discovered just how critical it can be.  Patrick Snay, 69, successfully made an age discrimination claim when his 2010-2011 contract wasn’t renewed. There was an agreement that Snay would receive $10,000 in back pay plus compensation of $80,000 and legal fees of $60,000. Here’s the problem. Before the ink could dry on the agreement, he told his daughter. His daughter posted about it on facebook. This violated the confidentiality agreement. Within a few days Mr Snay’s lawyers received notification that the settlement would not be forthcoming.

Read the whole story here.

Finally as some may be aware, my colleague Helen Robinson has been through the mill somewhat of late. Her one year old daughter was diagnosed with Pneumococcal Meningitis three weeks ago. The good news is that she is now out of hospital and off medication. Helen should be returning to work next week.  For your prayers, positive thoughts and good wishes, we are grateful.