Did you survive Blue Monday unscathed? It is quite incredible that we are into the second month of the year already.

I read an interesting article a few days ago. It referred to a discussion that took place at Davos recently amongst some of the worlds top Chief Executives. The term used was Bandwidth. The translation was about the amount of work any one individual can take on at any given point in time. We all have a headspace limit. The discussion centred on the relentless demand on people to respond to emails and attend meeting after meeting. Many of these meetings are unproductive which just adds to one’s stress level and can be a trigger for conflict.

An added complication which featured was when one’s online diary can be accessed by a range of colleagues and further meetings slotted in without your permission. This can become a nightmare! The corollary of the discussion was to encourage people to schedule time for them. This might mean simply blocking out 30 minutes after each meeting to breathe and follow up on any action points that you may have taken away.

You might also take the liberty of scheduling a lunch or break period from time to time. The alternative of course is that you stay late after work when everyone else has gone trying to catch up. Or worse, you take it home with you. Whatever you do, you must take responsibility to slot in “you time.” You can also say “No” to certain requests. However, please don’t tell your boss or colleagues that Clive said I should say no!

I like the sound of the concept and will be applying it for myself (particularly after just encountering my annual personal weekend of isolation) and encourage you to do so too! We are not machines.

By the way, if anyone can provide any tips on how to get a 7 year old boy to put his school clothes on in a timely fashion in the morning and get ready for bed at night willingly, I’d be very grateful?

All ideas welcome.

My best wishes,