I hope you had a good summer!

We now have just about fifty-five working days before Christmas and the end of the calendar year. I know. Quite incredible! How is your year going?

Have you been able to stick with the resolution that you made at the start of the year? Personally, I have let my boxing training slip. My excuse? My travel schedule. Who do I blame? Myself!

Here is a sentence from a letter a friend who sent a hand written yes – hand written! – letter to me last Wednesday “Clive. You may recall you gave me a template of your personal objective sheet back in 2009. I completed it but with one thing and another it laid dormant on my hard drive from then until very recently. I looked at it a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised that a number of things had been accomplished”.

There is one thing I have been able to do, however. As part of my plan to achieve work-life balance I am now part of a band! I am loving doing something totally different. It is a new band and I play the bass guitar. Our name is Iridescence – which means bringing colour into people’s lives. Get it? We play a range of easy-on-the-ear music designed to get you tapping your feet and reflecting about life. I’ll let you know when we are scheduled to play at the O2!

Finally, the other day someone asked me to recommend a list of books on developing positive thinking. Here are the books I suggested:

Ooh – by the way. I nearly forgot. Everything I am hearing suggests that new Employment Tribunal claims have gone through the floor since the recent introduction of fees. Does anyone have any idea of what’s happening?

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Until next month,