Today’s workforce

Last month I touched on the topic of careers and the changing world of work. It struck a chord with many readers so this month I have written a brief follow up. In particular, towards the end are some statistics about the workforce and Millennials. This data is indicating there is a real challenge for organisations to balance the needs of those at both ends of the age spectrum.

Here are some numbers on how the world of work has changed in the UK since 1954:

  • There were nearly 9 million people who worked in manufacturing compared to 2.6 million today
  • There were 791,000 coal miners compared with 6,000 today
  • There were 228,000 ship builders compared with less than a tenth of that number today
  • There were 466,000 in insurance and banking compared with over 1 million today
  • There were 78,000 lawyers compared with 281,000 today
  • There were 53,000 hairdressers and manicurists compared with 100,000 hairdressers (Figures on manicurists are no longer available but there are now over 1400 nail bars in Britain)
  • There were 567,000 people in the catering and hotels sector compared with 1.7 million today

Now then, onto other data about the Workforce and Millennials in particular:

  • 71% of Millennials want and expect an overseas assignment during their career
  • 60% of employees use a personal device for work
  • 60% of employees think they have the right to work remotely with a flexible schedule
  • 89% of Millennials think it is important to be constantly learning at their job
  • 50% of Millennials believe switching jobs helps you climb the corporate ladder faster
  • 89% of Millennials want their workplace to be social and fun, much more so compared to baby boomers
  • 50% of Millennials would rather have no job than have a job they hate

And the most scary one for me is….

41% of Millennials prefer to communicate electronically rather than face to face or over the phone…

A huge challenge for Talent Management!

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Enjoy the summer!

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