Employment Tribunal survey

Every 5 years, the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications (SETA) is published. It is a fascinating read. It is to me anyway. A few weeks ago, the latest survey was published. It covers the period up to the end of December 2008. The report runs to more than 250 pages. Here are some of the highlights from two of the categories – Characteristics of the parties and Mediation.

Characteristics of the parties

  • 60% of claimants were men
  • 82% of discrimination cases were brought by women
  • 86% of defendants were white although only 15% were white in race discrimination cases
  • ET applicants were more likely to be aged over 45
  • The median pay for claimants in full time permanent positions was £20,000
  • 25% of claimants were a member of a trade union
  • 27% of cases were from organisations with fewer than 25 employees, 9% had 25-49 employees, 19% 50-249 employees and 45% with 250 or more employees
  • The private sector accounted for 72% of ET cases, the public sector 19% and the non-profit sector 8%


  • 23% of claimants reported that before they put in the ET application someone suggested that they should use mediation, compared with 15% of employers
  • 9% of claimants had undertaken mediation
  • The most commonly cited reason for not taking part in mediation was that the other party did not want to
  • The initial discussion about the possibility of the use of mediation was most common in large employers and those in the private sector
  • 27% of employers used an in-house mediator
  • Amongst claimants trade union/staff association members were less likely to say that they would use mediation in the future, as were those aged 55 or over

Finally, 36% of claimants said that the case had caused them stress and depression.

See the full report here:

Take a look at the full report if you have time. It is very informative.