What about you (again)?

Remember this topic?

Late last year, you might recall that my weekly missives focussed on the theme of personal development for a while. I mentioned that HR professionals often spend huge amounts of time and energy concentrating on the development of others but they regularly forget about themselves. I think that Cobbler’s Children was the term I used. I know that not everyone who receives this weekly text is a HR professional.

Many of you asked for a copy of the personal and career development template that I have been using for myself since 1997. I do hope that those that did are making good progress towards achieving personal objectives. There are just 7 months of the year left.

I continue to apply the principle to myself too. Next Friday I will be doing something that I haven’t done for years. 2010 marks the 20th year since the concept of mediation officially begun to be practised in the UK. Yes, it’s still young. We are about 15-20 years behind the US. There are only around 10-15 people in the country who mediate on a full time basis. For clarity, I am referring to independent mediators as opposed to mediation provider organisations, such as Globis, with a panel of mediators.

The majority of these full time mediators are non practising barristers or QC’s, mediating commercial disputes. To my knowledge, there are no full time independent workplace and employment mediators. I am though, willing to be corrected on this point.

Anyway, get on with it Clive. Next week I will be assisting one of the full-time independent mediators to which I refer. Why am I doing this? Because despite mediating hundreds of disputes to date, I still think that there is much I can learn. I will be assisting on an unpaid basis, without claiming for expenses. I consider it an investment.

What about you? Are you still actively working on your self development?

If the answer is no, then why not use 1st June as a marker for change?

If I can, I’ll share a little of my experience as an assistant mediator with you next week.

By the way, I’m not perfect. There are two areas of my personal development plan that I should have made better progress with by now. I need to pull my finger out and get cracking! When I’ve made some progress I’ll say more.

Finally, last week I promised to include a link to the Mediation Master Class series that I am starting on 6th July. If this is of interest to you, it is within the Globis links below.

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