Mediation principles and the new government

Those who have followed my weekly missive since they started in July 2009 will know that I never mention politics. Wait. Before you glaze over, you might be pleased to know that I have no intention of changing either.

I mention politics today though because I am delighted that mediation and conflict resolution (in the form of restorative justice) has made its way into the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition programme for government. This is great news.

Under the Justice programme the new coalition will be introducing restorative justice to help deal with antisocial behaviour and low-level of crime. Whilst I never pretend that mediation and conflict resolution can be the solution for every situation, the application of the principles will certainly have a much needed economic impact on the country. Do you remember my missive of a few weeks ago about the two young boys throwing a rock off a motorway bridge?

If you have seen or spoken with me recently I may have shared some of my views with you about how mediation and relationship building could make a significant contribution towards the government’s £6bn of cost efficiencies. If you haven’t heard me talk about this, you might want to run in the opposite direction if you see me coming. I might take up lots of your time.Incidentally, a debate has started and is picking up speed quickly about how mediation and relationship building principles might be able to help the new form of government. The need for building better relationships has never been higher. The debate isn’t confidential. You may have even heard about it. As things develop, I’ll share the information with you.

You can see restorative justice within the other policy measures here.

I hope those who joined the webinar last week found it to be of value. I think it was an excellent session. Huge thanks to Rita Lawrence, David MacLeod and Wayne Clarke. The next webinar is planned for Thursday 24th June and will focus on the new Equality Act. We will be joined by the Government Equalities Office.

Finally, we are about to launch a series of Mediation Master Classes, that I will personally deliver. There will be 4 in total, with the first one starting on Tuesday 6th July. You should register for these sessions if you want to learn more about the world of mediation, improve your mediation skills, want to become a mediator or want to set up or enhance your own mediation practice. At each session a special guest, worthy of note for their impact on the mediation industry will make an appearance. More information will be available next week.

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