A problem (part 2)?

It seems that a number of discussions were held last week about some of those in the Generation Y category.

Thank you for your responses on the topic. Here is what one regular reader said. (Used with permission).

“Even at the young(ish) age of 35, I’m taken aback by the attitudes of the new kids on the block. I’m referring to many clerical staff who are joining us late teens, early twenties.

They seem to have no respect and do not like authority. I’ve had a few run ins with a few in my office – mainly from people answering me back – or worse – interrupting when I’m trying to speak to them about an issue… Maybe I was bought up in a strict family, but manners were key and essential when I was growing up – I’d get a smack if I was cheeky! I find this more evident in females than males. Maybe they do not like a female senior figure… or may be it’s just me. Bring back the cane!! ”

I also spoke with someone from a Local Authority who told me a story about a graduate who likes to pick and choose the tasks that they undertake.

There are a range of problems organisations will face if the issue of emotional intelligence (EQ) isn’t tackled. For example, when someone from the said group assumes a line management role, it is likely that the employee relations team are going to become much busier as a result. Also, employee turnover may increase as people often leave people rather than organisations. We also owe it to those in the Generation Y category to help them develop their EQ skills early on as they are only likely to run into trouble at a later point in their career.

Research shows that EQ, rather than IQ, plays a much more important role as our careers progress.

Most people are willing to work with a person who has shortfalls, if the person has a good attitude.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s not all bad. Is it? Here is an interesting article on how the generations can work better together. When mentors and mentees switch roles

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