A problem?

The summer season is here at last!

I hope those of you that joined us for our webinar last Thursday enjoyed the session. I think we had three exceptional contributors. I am grateful to CIPD, BIS and EEF for taking part.

Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday April 22nd and will start at the later time of 2.00pm. We will be hosting the session from Munich and Alison Brimelow CBE, President of the European Patent Office will be our speaker. We will be exploring the topic of managing in an international and multi-cultural organisation. If you have never joined us for one of our webinars before, you won’t want to miss this one. We will be taking an insight into the fascinating world of the EPO. I am in no doubt that you will be amazed at how this organisation works. Alison has been kind enough to share a little of her presentation with me and I am very, very excited about it!

Next webinar 2.00pm Thursday 22nd April

A problem?

You might remember that at the end of 2009, I made a series of predictions about what we might see in the world of work during 2010. One was about increasing tension between Generation Y and the Baby Boomers.

When I was a HR Generalist at Kingfisher in the late 1990s I used to support some of my colleagues with graduate recruitment and development. I did a lot of work with Oxford, Cardiff, Warwick and Exeter universities. We recruited some highly capable individuals.

However, a common area of development for many was emotional intelligence – although we didn’t call it that at the time.

The sorts of development areas to which I refer are: how to get on with people and what to say and do, but more importantly, how to say and do it. Move on 10 years. At Globis we have had similar experiences with interns that have worked with us over the last few years.

To give a totally different example, about a year ago I was visiting McDonald’s on a Saturday afternoon with my two children. At that stage, my son, being 2 years old, was in his pushchair. I had one hand on the pushchair and the other on the door trying to get in. I was having some difficulty. Suddenly four teenagers (three boys and one girl) came out of McDonald’s as I was struggling with the door trying to get in. All of them walked straight past me without saying thank you (for the door being held open) or offering to help. I was shocked.

Is it just me, or do others agree that we may have a potential problem in places of work amongst some in the Generation Y category? In the case of the interns, I have spoken with two universities about the need to include something about workplace skills as part of the syllabus. I have also spoken to many friends and colleagues about this issue. Maybe you are one of the people who I have pinned down while I share my story. There seems to be some agreement that something needs to be done but that tackling the issue at university is too late. Secondly, any action must recognise the role we are obliged to play as parents.

Ah. I’m just about to run out of my self-imposed word limit so will have to revisit this theme next week where I would like to cover some of the potential implications for places of work. In the meantime, I’d be delighted to hear from anyone in the education arena that might have sufficient influence to start a debate and try to prompt change in this area – assuming you agree of course.

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