An invitation

I’m back with my weekly missive. I hope that you and your loved ones have had a good Christmas break. I wish you all a prosperous and successful new year. Gosh. Isn’t it cold! The sub-zero conditions seem to have affected every one in the UK in some way. Let’s hope it starts to warm up soon. Incidentally if anyone in your network wants to register to receive the newsletter they can now do so by going to the front page of the Globis website.

Well. By most accounts, this year will continue to provide us with people management challenges. One area we have already started to receive calls about is the Equality Bill. The Bill is scheduled to become law in October in the UK. Since late last year, we have been asked to help with things like Equality Impact Assessments, policy development, and bullying and harassment management training sessions.

A very good article summarising the main points of the Bill and its implications appeared on the BBC website over the Christmas period. It’s worth reading.

An invitation

Regular readers of my newsletter might recall that just under a year ago, Globis was elected to the Board of the Civil Mediation Council. The Council is the main umbrella organisation for mediation providers and independent mediators in the UK. I also chair the Councils workplace committee. This means that I take the lead on working with the government, CIPD, trade unions and other mediation provider organisations on raising the profile and use of mediation across the UK on behalf of the Council.

The reason I am mentioning this is that I am currently involved in arranging a workplace forum. The Council is inviting a small number of senior business leaders to engage in dialogue about the business case for the role of mediation in the workplace. The forum will be on March 17th in London. People such as Lord Young (Minister for Employment Relations), David McLeod (the person who led the government review on employee engagement) and a chap called Clive Lewis will be speaking.

I am able to offer around 10 places to any of you who would have an interest in your organisation being represented. The attendee must be the CEO/MD or HR/Diversity/L&D/ER/ lead (budget holder). So, if mediation doesn’t currently play a part in your organisation and the forum sounds like a good idea, please be in touch and I can provide more information. There will be no charge for attending.

Finally, I discovered last week that the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has written a review on my book. Please click on the link to see the review. RICS book review

My best wishes to you and your family for 2010.

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