UK Skills Deficit I

In December 2006, Lord Leitch published his final report on UK Skills: Prosperity for all in the global economy -world class skills. Lord Leitch was commissioned by the Chancellor with a remit to “identify the UK’s optimal skills mix in 2020 to maximise economic growth, productivity and social justice, and to consider the policy implications of achieving the level of change required.” The interim report of the Review was published alongside the 2005 Public Borrowing Requirement (PBR) and in the 2006 Budget the Chancellor also asked Lord Leitch to consider how to better integrate employment and skills services at a local level.

In his final report, he recommends that the UK should aim to be a world leader on skills by 2020, in the upper quartile of OECD countries.

As you may have gathered by now, I am passionate about building better relationships in the workplace. There is a sound economic argument that underpins my interest.

My assignment

I am currently on an assignment (set by me) to get relationship and conflict management to form key parts of the governments and company boards skills deficit agenda. There are now enough case studies on the business case for organisations relating to these topics.

Your organisation could get one step ahead of the rest of the UK by imbedding these themes in your learning and development framework now. If you have already done so, and are willing to share your stories with me, I would love to hear from you.

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