Brief themes

I have two slightly different short themes today. A slightly longer read but it’s worth sticking with it until you get to the end. I promise. First, I was contacted by the CIPD last week. It is nearly 6 months since the change in legislation to repeal the statutory dispute regulations.

The CIPD are attempting to get a sense of what’s happening. The feeling is that:

  1. Organisations are beginning to commission more mediations
  2. Organisations are proactively engaging in development initiatives such as managing difficult conversations and employee engagement.
  3. There is an increase in cases going to Employment Tribunals, directly linked to the recession and downsizing.

Could you help me? Is this right or is it way off track? What is happening where you are?

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)

On my second theme, one of the impacts of the recession has been that companies are becoming less involved in charity work. Frequent readers of my weekly mail will know that I am actively engaged in charity work. I spent much of the last Bank Holiday weekend in August doing manual work at a home for children with learning difficulties. My wife works for a large financial services organisation. I was helping her team build a new outside play centre.

I thought nothing more about it until 2 weeks ago I saw an email that had come from the Centre.  Part of the email said  “Thank you for your hard work.  The staff were delighted by the results – you all worked so hard despite the heavy rain showers.  The children have been very excited and could not wait to investigate.  One of our teaching assistants said that a little boy with communication problems actually called her by name for the first time and led her into the new play area to show her all the new animals, birds and the pictures – he was really excited by it all”.

Seeing this had a big impact on me. Giving something back to communities is highly rewarding. It’s also good for teamwork. You can probably imagine what this meant to the team that made all the arrangements. Perhaps it could be an idea for your next team building or away day session?