Back to School

Hello- Clive here. Last Thursday, I received a card with about 3 sides of hand written text from my daughter’s former primary school Head Teacher. She retired in July after 15 years as Head of the school. She was a first class Head Teacher. When I heard of her retirement, I was delighted for her but disappointed for the school.

I wrote to the Local Authority, suggesting that something should be done to make sure that her experience, skills, wisdom and talent wouldn’t be lost across the County. I thought that she could be a great Mentor and Coach for other (less experienced) Head Teachers. She wrote to thank me for my letter. She also said some very kind words about my 7-year-old daughter and about my ongoing contribution to the work of the school. It was very touching.

Reflecting on it brought a few things to my mind. Here are two:

  1. The hand written word is very powerful. I felt very appreciated when I read her card. I knew that she would have had to purchase the card and then take time to write it. Everyone knows that email takes a second and everyone does it. Very few people send hand written cards nowadays.
  2. From next Wednesday thousands of children start returning to school. The school holiday period can bring decision making in many organisations to a stand still. From discussions I have been involved in recently, it seems that over the next few weeks, many people are getting ready to have some of those more difficult conversations I wrote about a few weeks ago. If this also applies to you – Good luck.

By the way, writing this has reminded me that I haven’t had a response to my letter to the Local Authority. I must follow it up.

Have a good week.