Building Better Relationships

Hello – Clive here.

For some time, I have been thinking that I would like to write regularly about the importance of building good relationships. I woke up on the morning of Thursday 2 July and for hours; it was the only thing on my mind. So, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Every week (or so) I intend to write a few words on this topic. I do hope that you will find these short blog entries to be of value. So, here’s the first.

Pick up the phone

The pace of life moves so quickly nowadays. Advancements in technology mean that we can communicate by email, text or facebook. It’s quick and often convenient.

I was under pressure last week. Nothing new there. I was in the office for one day (Monday) and then out running training courses for the rest of the week. As some of you may know, keeping on top of admin stuff while constantly on the move can be tricky. I also had to prepare for a meeting that I am chairing later this week. At around 7am last Tuesday, to keep ahead of myself, I drafted a proposed agenda for the meeting.

I was about to press send on my email. However, there were three key people that I had listed to make individual contributions during the meeting. I decided to save the email to my drafts folder and phone the three people for a discussion first. I had 20 minute slot before I had to be in the training room for 9.20am. One call lasted 6 minutes, the next 2 minutes and the third was a one minute voice mail explaining the reason for my call.

Without exception, the people I called were grateful for the ‘heads up’. Later, I picked up a voicemail from the person I had to leave a message for. “Thank you Clive for your considerate message” was how the introduction went. Anyway, I think you get the drift.

For some things, the power of voice to voice or face to face communication beats electronic messages every time. It takes a bit longer and can sometimes seem inconvenient. Using the phone though, is a great method for preserving good relationships. Try it! The inconvenience for me? The agenda had to go out on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. A small price to pay for keeping three important relationships intact.

Have a good week.
Clive Lewis