The year ahead

Now, if you have read my book, you’ll know that I make a number of predictions about how the world of work will continue to change in the future. I thought that for the last newsletter of the year I would sketch some of my thoughts on things we may see developing during the year ahead:

  • More 1:1 and team conflict and tension will surface between people of different generations. Here are the main four. Generation Y (1980-1995) generation X (1965-1979), baby boomers (1946-1964) and matures (1925-1945). There will be particular problems between generation Y’s and the baby boomers including the use of technology, the speed of change and a reluctance (by generation Y’s) to take and follow instructions.
  • The psychological contract will get harder and harder to win and employee loyalty will continue to decline. A lack of trust will continue to develop in organisations where the survivors of redundancy and major change programmes of 2009 are continually looking over their shoulder thinking about what might be coming next.
  • There will be more industrial unrest over the progress of technology and automation. Remember, automation is the main bone of contention with the Royal Mail dispute. It is affecting other industries too.
  • It will become more common for employees to hold down two jobs. Sometimes this will be to keep their heads above water. It might also be that they are developing their own business and preparing to go it alone at some stage in the future.
  • The demand for specialist, rather than generalist skills will continue to increase. In HR, two of the top areas are likely to be Reward and Employee Relations.
  • The UK will begin to see an emergence of class action laws suits.
  • Some organisations will need to become better prepared to deal with extreme events such as kidnapping, suicide and sabotage from former or current employees with a grudge.
  • Language skills will continue to play an increasingly important role.

So. I’m on record now. Lets see what happens. I certainly hope that my penultimate prediction is wrong.

On the point of preparing for 2010, at Globis, we are busy working on some exciting developments. I hope you have remembered to reserve 10.00am on Thursday 25th February 2010 in your diaries. I’ll be saying more about this soon.