What about you?

Last week, my comment about the number of weeks left in 2009 clearly resonated with many people. Another week has gone by. Many of the people who actively keep up with this weekly newsletter are engaged with the development of others. Are you familiar with the term Cobblers Children? The proverb goes that the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot.


It would be unheard of for most of us to go through a financial year without setting objectives for our team or understanding the objectives of the organisation we work for. So, what about you? Why is it that so few people have personal development or career plans for themselves?

We are much more likely to achieve something if it is written down. I do understand that for some, the notion of personal planning isn’t exciting. But this isn’t true for everyone. I have had a personal development and career plan since 1997. Whilst I don’t take it to bed with me every night and look at it every morning, when I do refer to it, it is surprising to see how a number of things have fallen in to place, over time.

There are now around 8 weeks to go until the end of 2009. Now seems to be a good time to start planning for 2010. Most organisations have completed the 2010/2011 budgeting process already. So, what about you? The same planning principle can apply for individuals too. If there is something you would like to have achieved by this time next year, now would be a good time to start planning for it.

If you do already have a plan in place, now would also be a good time to be reviewing progress against it and setting new objectives if need be.

If you want a copy of the template I use, just shout. I’ll send it to you.

Happy planning !

Helen RobinsonCareer