How am I of use?

We had a great week at the CIPD conference. The main themes were employee engagement, mediation, change management, diversity, coaching, technology and leadership. One of the most memorable sessions I attended was a Keynote, delivered by Jim Collins. I have a fairly large book collection and Jim Collins is one of my favourite authors. ‘Good to Great’ is one of his titles and he has just published ‘Why the Mighty Fall’.

In his final summary he provided the audience with 10 things to think about. The 5 that resonated with me were:

  • Build a personal board of directors – Surround yourself with a few people whose character you trust
  • Turn off your electronic gadgets – They are everywhere, but try once a week to get an hour of white space. No email, phone, internet, TV etc, just thinking time. It’s really hard to do.
  • Ask more questions – be more curious about why something you have been asked to do will add value (and know when you’ve asked for enough clarification…)
  • Make a stop doing list – time moves so quickly nowadays, don’t waste it on repetitive tasks that add little or nothing.
  • Set your goals – long term is best. This fits with my current theme of personal planning.

Finally a thought to leave with you – a question Jim Collins encouraged the audience to continually ask themselves was ‘How am I of use’?

Helen RobinsonCareer