Difficult Conversations Book

Two hours are all you need to read Difficult Conversations book 10 Steps to Becoming a Tackler not a Dodger. Why not use your next train journey or commute to top up and energise your skills?


In life, you are either a tackler or a dodger. A tackler is a person who deals with situations as and when they arrive, regardless of their potential awkwardness or unpleasantness. They don’t procrastinate or put things off no matter how unappetising the impending conversation might be. To a tackler, the right outcome is the key.

Does this sound like you? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us put things off when we should be getting on with them, even tacklers. But making a habit out of this, especially if you’re in a position of authority, can cause more damage than you can imagine – to the health of yourself and other people, the productivity of your department and the performance of your company as a whole.

So how does a dodger become a tackler? This handbook, recently featured in The Sunday Times, outlines ten steps to help you deal with an impending difficult conversation, giving examples of what to say and what to avoid in order to ensure that you swap your dodging spots for tackler’s stripes. Written by Clive Lewis OBE, founding director of Globis Mediation Group, it comes packed with advice and experience from an industry leader in employee relations.


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