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21st Century Leadership

Cutting edge leadership skills are vital for today’s executive. 


Specifically for today’s top female leaders.

Learn from Thought Leaders

Engage with a world class faculty bringing their knowledge, experience and expertise to share with delegates.


Utilising leading research and eminent guest speakers, well-respected in their field, to harness the power of learning.

Business benefit

Genuine opportunity to transfer individual learning back to your workplace. 

Network with Peers

An exclusive opportunity to spend concentrated time with other women in key leadership positions in both the public and private sectors.

*Please note, our programme is not suitable for those in micro, small or medium sized organisations.


Logos is a Greek word which denotes ‘meaning’. There are at least three schools of thought when referring back to early psychological thinking. One is based on Freud’s work, indicating that a person’s primary motivation is driven by the need for pleasure. The second is grounded in Adlerian psychology suggesting that our focus and motivation is primarily propelled by striving for superiority or power. The third is based on Frankl’s work. This suggests that our search for meaning in our life and work is primary and not secondary. It is this third area of ‘meaning’ that provides the context and framework on which the development programme is based. 

Logos is an interactive and experiential development programme designed specifically for female leaders.  

The success of women in different areas of society is interconnected. The success of women in one strata can reinforce success of women in another, creating a virtuous cycle.