Mediation Services

Last year, 90.7% of the disputes referred to Globis for mediation settled

Give your managers a day each week back

A typical manager spends the equivalent of 20% (one day of each week) dealing with workplace conflict. Managing workplace conflict offers a pragmatic way of giving that day back to the managers within your organisation. Imagine how much more effective they could be with an extra day focussed on achieving organisation objectives. It wouldn’t take long for the impact of the better use of their time to become evident through increased productivity, heightened team morale and ultimately results.

Let Globis Mediation Group assist you with managing the conflict within your organisation and see what a difference that saved day can make to your team. We are able to offer the following services:

Set up an in-house mediation scheme

Appoint a mediator

Outsource your mediation service

Partner with Globis for an external mediator (if you already have an in-house scheme)

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Globis Mediation Group's MD, Clive Lewis OBE, shares some of his experiences of workplace mediations in his latest book 'Win Win: Resolving Workplace Conflict: 12 Stories'