Globis' open training courses are also available to be delivered In-house. The Globis in-house training pricing is very simple to follow.

Globis' courses are designed to meet the learning needs of today's organisations. Experience of the workplace to deliver training courses that give participants a high opportunity to transfer their new skills back to the workplace.

Globis also design bespoke training solutions. Please contact a member of the Globis team to find out more.


» Short Courses
Globis run a number of 1 and 2 day training courses that are designed to develop key skills for real workplace issues

» 2 & 3 Day Accredited Workplace Mediation Courses
These 3 day courses offer accreditation towards the National workplace mediation skills programme.

» National Employment and Workplace Mediation Certificate (Accredited)
The accredited mediation course is the UK benchmark for training in workplace mediation skills

» Events
Globis host a series of events designed for the busy executive who would like to hear more about how to improve relationships at work, workplace mediation, Coaching, managing change, and other hot topics. Globis events are usually breakfast sessions, early evening, or web based lunch time sessions. They are great learning opportunities. Please join in when you can!