Need a Mediator?


Are there conflict issues between any of your employees?

Are any of your teams not working effectively due to a relationship breakdown?

Mediation could be the solution that you are looking for.

"I would like to thank you so much for your brilliance in resolving the dispute. Not only did you manage to resolve [our dispute], I believe you also managed to reinvigorate the Board into thinking about its future." Christine, July 2013

Mediation is an effective tool for resolving both newly arisen and ongoing disputes between individuals, and teams. By appointing Globis to mediate a dispute within your organisation, you are choosing a professional, experienced and neutral provider. We are regularly the first choice for lawyers and non lawyers seeking to appoint a mediator. Our national panel of mediators includes HR professionals, solicitors, barristers, QCs, line managers and trade union representatives. Instructions are invited from employers and employees.   

 Globis follows seven steps to manage the mediation process:
  • Gain the agreement of parties to mediate
  • Contact Globis on 0330 100 0809 or email to discuss the nature of the dispute. We will explain the mediation process, discuss potential mediation dates and appoint a mediator
  • You inform the parties that Globis will be making contact with them (or their representatives)
  • The Globis mediator will have pre-mediation discussions with each party (or party representatives), either face to face or over the telephone
  • The mediation takes place
  • A settlement agreement is drafted and signed (85-90% of mediations undertaken by Globis were resolved last year)
  • In cases where there is an ongoing employment relationship with the parties, Globis will follow up with the parties 1-3 months after the mediation has taken place (optional)
Mediation offers a fast, cost effective resolution to issues that may have been simmering for weeks, months or even years. The majority of mediations settle within just one day.
If you would like to take the first step to solving that dispute that has been distracting your clients, employees and your managers – call Globis on 0330 100 0809.

If you are seeking a longer term strategy to manage conflict within your workplace Globis also offer:

"Thank you for your substantial contribution to what was achieved [at the mediation]. Your skilful stewarding and wisdom has given us a united Board. It is now for us to maintain and build on the goodwill thus created." Ivor, July 2013