Short Mediation Courses

These 1, 2 & 3 day courses offer accreditation towards the National workplace mediation skills programme.



Introduction to Mediation in the Workplace 1 Day
Understanding Mediation in the Workplace 2 Days
Foundation in Workplace Mediation Skills 3 Days


Practitioner In Workplace Mediation Skills 2 Days


Advanced Workplace Mediation Course 2 Days


Globis will train at least 500 people to become accredited workplace mediators during 2009. If you or your organisation would like to be one step ahead of what is likely to be the biggest development in HR practices in the UK since coaching, please contact us.

Globis specialises in building relationships at work and is widely regarded as the best practice thought leader in the UK. Having secured numerous public and private sector clients, Globis will continue to set the pace for growth in this sector.

In 2008 Globis achieved 90% successful outcomes from workplace mediations including individual, team and corporate disputes. Our service includes advising organisations on methods they can adopt to prevent future escalation of conflict. Globis provides world class in-house and public accredited mediation training.

National Accreditation

Globis has developed an impressive track record for delivering high quality mediation training which has led to recognition and national accreditation. Our courses are accredited by the Open College Network - an awarding body recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England.

ILM   Globis became an ILM accredited Training Centre during 2008.